Madness On The Pulpit

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Dear Pastor,
It’s been a while I wrote you a note not because there were not things to talk about but time has been a factor. It also seems you are unwilling to hear the truth and unteachable. I do hope this piece on madness on the pulpit will be interpreted to you by the Holy Spirit.

In the last few years, there has been some form of madness on the pulpit. These things go around massively. Thanks to the advent of COVID-19, at least it helped in stopping some these madness on the pulpit. As churches are resuming into full operations gradually, it is in the important to desist from such. This is the reason for this piece.

One of such madness is that the church altar has been used for podium of comedy. Comedians are now been invited to perform on the altar of God. Irrespective of who invited the comedian, it doesn’t make it right. It seems such Pastors have forgotten the significance of the pulpit and what it stands for. Is the house of God now a place of comedy?

Apostle Paul writing to the young Pastor Timothy, He advised him not to give room for fables and endless genealogies (1 Timothy 1:4) but that’s what you are celebrating on the pulpit of God. In 1 Timothy 4:7, He gave another warning to refuse profane and old wives fables. Are you sure you are feeding the flock of God with the right spiritual meal and in appropriate quantity? Remember, our God is a father as well as a judge.

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This piece will not be complete without emphasizing on what you are supposed to be doing. Sorry I don’t mean to teach you your duty but you moving out has necessitated you need to be reminded. So, you don’t have to feel offended as much as you want to run the race God has set before you lawfully and end with rewards. If you want to be successful in your calling, you must do it in line with the Bible. God will never go against His word.

I must quickly add this that God’s word in this context refer to the Bible and spoken Prophecy. Just in case someone says God told him/her to bring comedian on, the spoken word of God and the written word of God can never oppose each other. They will always complement each other to reveal the mind of God. We don’t doubt that you can hear such instruction but you need to check the source. The God of the Bible will never say anything that will go against the Bible.

Apostle gave reasons why you shouldn’t allow such things. In 1 Timothy 1:4, He says it is not edifying instead it ministers questions. Pastor, are you not called to edify your congregation with the word of life? I hope you remember that the pulpit is supposed to be giving out the life of God so that people are renewed at the end of the service but you are bringing in strange fire on the altar. God only releases power when it is done rightly.

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In 1Timothy 4:7, Paul says exercise yourself on to Godliness instead. That means it drains Godliness from your congregation. Titus 1:14 says this same act turn men away from the truth. Now, is this what you want for the people of God? Is that what God called you to do as a Pastor? You will clearly see that it’s a way to destroy your labour in the vineyard of God. So, in your own interest, desist from this act and repent. Check the next piece on madness on the pulpit through the link below
To your ministerial success!

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