Madness On The Pulpit (3)

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In continuation of our discussion on the danger of prosperity-centered Christianity and ministries, I will like to talk more closely to everyone called into ministry. I feel a need to emphasize this because of the danger looming ahead. There is a lot of madness on the pulpit in the name of ministry. Pastors are supposed to be working to remove the problems and not add to them. This is the crux of the matter. You can read previous dear pastor here

Are You Called?

This is the point to begin from. Are you really called into ministry? It’s not a normal office job, it’s spiritual work and your makeup must be created to fit in. Ministry is not what you wake up to run into. It’s a matter of liking ministry, honor, fame, or titles of men of God. It’s not even about a prophet telling you that you are called. If you are called, God himself will reach out to you. Meditate on Luke 13:22-27.

Do You Know God?

Even if you are called, you must first know God and experience God to a level before you can succeed in ministry. God makes men through His dealings with them. And those dealings will come from your knowledge and experience of Him. That’s how you will understand His ways. Without these, there’s nothing you want to witness to people. You can’t represent the person you don’t know or else it will be madness on the pulpit. God will not even back His word in your mouth with power.

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So, you want God to be evidence in your ministry? It’s not by the prosperity you have. It is by the amount of God’s power in your ministry. The kingdom of God is not in meat and drink but in power. You can achieve that power through three things pointed out in Romans 14:17. If you have been relying on your wisdom, societal trend, values, prosperity to show forth your ministry, you don’t know God. God is the only one that can announce you truly.

Success In Ministry

Success at this point is not in having cars, houses and being famous. What exactly is ministry success? No living minister of the Gospel is successful yet. Success is always in reference to the original intention. And God is the only one that can say if the minister fulfilled all that was set before him and if the ministry accomplish the right thing. Are they still focused on what God wants to achieve?

Forget about the size of the ministries. It is not about how famous. Judas Iscariot is well known but where did he end? Prophetess Ann is not well known too but she anchored the birth of Jesus with her prayers. You are looking at the wrong things that’s why mammon is possessing you. Wake up! True success in ministry is when you fulfill all that God set for you. Until you return to God, you can’t know your scorecard so why not focus on scoring 100% now.

Change Your Focus

I know of some so-called Apostles, all that matters to them is raising money in any program. Once they come, they just pick a Bible verse (they hardly ever explain), sing, and tell a few things they call to prophesy. Next is raising money. If you are one of them, desist before It is too late. And all you think about when planning a program is the offering or tithes that will come in, I am sorry to disappoint you, you are already infected with the madness on the pulpit.

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My advice for you is to shut down what you call ministry and go search for God. You need to be admitted into the intensive care unit spiritually. You actually need God urgently. Pray for mercy until God comes to your rescue with encounters. Don’t leave until you touch God with your plead so that He can then touch you afresh. If you tarry long enough, Jesus will come. Focus on Jesus, and Jesus alone. It’s not about you, it’s about Jesus. So don’t be carried away with mammon and his products. If you remain focused on Jesus, you won’t miss the blessings He has for you.

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