Madness On The Pulpit (2)

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Dear Pastor,

As I mentioned yesterday, there are lots of things to discuss but time will fail me. However, somethings cannot be left undiscussed. So, today we shall be looking at one rampant attitude and the madness in it. I pray God will help all those involved in it to retrace their steps.

Since the advent of the prosperity messages and movements in the body of Christ, Satan has helped Christians to crystallize prosperity into a core goal in Christianity. Lots of doctrines, teachings and preaching were accommodated on pulpits to favour the prosperity saga in the church. And it is quite painful that the accuracy went unchecked as long as few scriptures were used.

All kinds of human intelligence fund raising teachings and practices came up. Demonic authored principles for prosperity were taught in the church and the setmen never checked because all they wanted was is money irrespective of who is giving it. So, we now have so called pastors with ritual money. These are bastards in the Faith.

The resultant effect of this is that mammon began to possess both the shepherds and the flock. So, they all began to do everything for money sake. Their revivals and special programs are used to raise funds. Only the rich are seen and recognized so the poor are intimidated to seek a way out or be forgotten. There is no more difference between the church and the world, money has become the goal of both.

It is so bad that some people said they are called into fundraising ministry. I wonder where they got that from and if it is the said God of the Bible that called them. They help other people to raise money and collect a percentage. That’s business and not ministry. There are only fivefold ministry (Ephesians 4:11) and God expect you to do your ministry for free (Matthew 10:8). Anything outside of this is not recognized by God and it is madness on the pulpit.

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God never call anyone to raise money or look money. We are called to look for and win souls for Christ. We are called to train them to know and become like Christ. Meditate on Matthew 28:18-20 and Ephesians 4:11-13. It is mammon that makes people look for money at all cost. So, if all you think about of ministry is money, take a leave off pulpit and go find yourself on God’s radar. Don’t leave God speaks to you expressly.

This is not to say we are called into ministry to be poor. No, but all prosperity is in God and you can only access it as you become obedient to God in all things. Your obedience is what opens up the seasons of affluence for you. That’s why Matthew 6:33 is the greatest secret of prosperity if well followed and Psalms 1 will help you navigate. There is a process to follow. So enough of get rich principles and making it seem as money is all we have come to live for. Wake up from this madness!

Here is the problem, and I will like you to meditate on it and make necessary adjustments. Meditate on the verse below;
Galatians 1:9.
As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

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