Living By Revelation

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In the last few days, we have been considering living a revelation. It is twice important that every believer should know how to capture revelation from the pages of the Bible and live it on a daily basis. That’s how we grow in the kingdom. Learn it now and embrace it into your life.

In this piece, I will like to address an important issue regarding living by revelation. I have seen a lot of people complained that they practiced a particular revelation after hearing a teaching on it but it didn’t produce result. So, they are concerned. Some have to a conclusion that the Bible is either not powerful or no longer powerful. I am hear to tell you that the Bible is still very powerful.

Follow The Bible

If you seem to catch a revelation that never worked, it is most likely that you didnt follow through the required steps to make it a reality. The Bible is actually a powerful manual for the human race. It is a map for destiny. The late Arc Bishop Benson Idahosa had to follow the Bible step by step to raise the first dead God used him to raise. Follow the Bible if you intend to get results.

Follow It With Faith

There are lots of people who follow the Bible step by step because they want to get results. They forget that it has to be done with faith. It must be mixed with faith. Faith is the power that gives your steps power which brings the results. You just have to believe the Bible for what it is and follow the required steps to get the results.

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A Terrible Mistake

There is a terrible mistake people make in this faith era. A lot of people try to live on someone else’s revelation. When it failed it appears the person lied or God was partial in His dealings. Well, God is not partial. If you really want to live by a revelation and have results, the revelation must be more than head knowledge to you. It must become a reality in your spirit first. Until it has reached your spirit, it wont produce results.

We cant say everything about living by revelation but I do hope the little we have discussed so far will go a long way to help you. Please share, like and comment if you are blessed with the series on revelation. Thank you for being a part of our success story.

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