Life Facts You Have To Live With

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Thank you for making it a date with us on this page. We are set to show few facts about life that you can’t change. Yes, I mean there is absolutely nothing you can do about them. You just have to live with them. I believe reading through this series this week will help to rediscover life afresh.

Since there’s nothing you can do to change these facts, you will have to find a way to respect and learn to use them to your advantage instead of them being at your detriment. This choice is absolutely yours whether or not they will work for you or against you. The first point of action is to strive to know about these facts.

Life Fact One: Life Is Spiritual

This has been a subject of debate for years and some people are still debating it whether or not life is spiritual. Well, this is evident beyond arguments. It’s all around us. The evidence that shows that life is spiritual are scattered around us. Whether or not you agree is not the point but it’s safe for you to see through and agree.

Think about two people sleeping in a room. One’s life is been withdrawn or destroyed and the second person is not even aware. Yet, you say life is not spiritual? Think again! In the same vein, two people are in the room, and while one is dieing, the other people can’t hold down the other that is going. This is spiritual.

The days and nights alternate bringing about seasons and years. Each of this season, things happen differently even in a man’s life. Yet you say life is not spiritual. Which force or power is holding the universe? Have you thought of the arrangements of the entire solar systems and the automatic movements? Then you will found out life is much more.

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Think about how things fall in and out of place. Sometimes you do all the known needed work and yet the good result seizes to come. There are people who do less and get lots of great results. There are times things don’t work until you take a particular step in particular direction. This should tell you that life is not ordinary.

Two different people can do the same thing, one will be loved for it and the other is rejected and hated. Some people just show up for a meeting and without uttering a word yet, they are hated even if they have the best of words. For some other, it’s the other way round. It will be a great mistake to think that life is not spiritual.

Spiritual And Physical World

We have been taught and many have heard that the spiritual controls the physical. This is a basic fact of life. Unfortunately many do not work with this. The greatest number of people who work with it uses dark power to change things in the dark and then follow other people to say life is ordinary during the day.

Don’t be deceived. These people knows where they run to at the dark hours when you think everyone is sleeping like you. Even in the corporate place where everyone speaks queens English and wear suits. Everyone knows how to seek the assistance of the spiritual realm to get things done for them.

Spirit Partnership

Some are partnering with spirits. In our world today, people doing different stuffs behind close doors and you will think everyone is as innocent as a young child. It is not bad to partner with Spirit but it is bad to partner with evil evil spirit. You are only allowed by God to partner with His spirit.

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You actually need a spirit to partner with to succeed in this world. This is because right from the foundations of the world we live in, its all spiritual. Remember God created all with His spirit and that’s why it is only His spirit that can help you to succeed.

The Way To Go

If you truly desire to partner with the Spirit of God, you must first know God and have a cordial relationship with Him. That’s the only way God can release His Spirit on you and for you. The point is, do you know God? Do you have any relationship with Him? This is just the right and perfect time to start.

Interestingly, you can only come to God through His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Jesus says He is the way, truth and life and no one can come to the father except by Him (John 14:6). To come to Jesus, you must acknowledge that He died for your sins and that He is now your saviour. You must confess your sins and repent. Then confess the Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour.

If you have prayed the prayer above, congratulations on your new found life which is the life God. Now, the spirit of God can dwell with you but you need to find a Bible believing Church and be worshipping with them. God will then enlarge His Spirit within you. This is the part of true success.

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