Life Facts About Worry

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Life facts about worry is a not new thing. We all know what worry is. I don’t intend to write a definition for what everyone already knows. At least not for “worry“. There are billions of people currently worrying on one issue or the other. Lets discuss life facts about worry. The reader of this article may even be of one them. It’s almost part of life. In Fact, lots of people will say it’s part of life. Let’s find out.

Life Facts About Worry

Life Facts About Worry

Well, our current disposition to worrying has made it look like it’s part of life. Since its a pack of feeling and thoughts pattern that you automatically switch into when you get into a situation where you can’t help yourself and with no success in view. Wow, I just defined it. I actually didn’t intend to do that but let’s go on.

The truth is, you will always find a situation that will be beyond your control or preparation. Sometimes even more than the help people around you can render. It won’t happen all the time, but be prepared to meet them once in a while. If yours is happening all the time, then it calls for urgent review.

Even though you get such things that can make you worry, it is a choice to worry. You are worrying because you choose to worry. Irrespective of how big you think your problem or challenge is, its your choice to either respond with worrying or not. The truth is, you will come across people with more serious problems that are not worrying because they choose not to. So its a matter of choice.

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What Do You Do While Worrying?

If you have ever studied the pattern of worrying, you will realize its not the best course of action if any problem or challenge arise. The thoughts and feelings are not edifying. I don’t know anyone that has ever got something good while worrying. If you have, please don’t hesitate to share with me in the comment section.

The things that really happened in worrying is all about expanding the problem so that you can see how big it is. It will show you how bad things will go through your thoughts and imagination. It will show you how less human you are and how disappointing it will be as you failed through. It will show you there is no way out and then magnify your failure.

With this comes, the feeling of rejection. First, that people will reject you and take you for a less human being. When you go through that for sometime, you will start to develop self rejection. It will come with different scenarios of how you failed before and the shame that accompanied it. The fear of failing again may spring up depression.

To be continued…