Lessons From Stephen’s Death (2)

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Finally, we shall be ending the series on the man called Stephen with this piece titled lessons from the Stephen’s death. I hope you have read the first part. Please go here to read it before you read the conclusion. I trust that God will speak to you expressly in Jesus name.

The Eternal Weight Of Glory

No matter what you go through, it is but a light affliction that can never be compared to the eternal weight of glory that will come after. Looked at what Jesus went through on the cross (thin include the betrayal, pain, shame etc.) and by that experience, he emerged as the the administrator (Ephesians 4:8, Phillipians 2:9) of God’s plan and purposes in Zion ( God’s administrative headquarters).

There is an eternal reward for all the pains you go through. Keep your eye on the eternal weight of glory. That’s the pattern. That’s how patriarchs did it, that’s how Jesus did it, that’s how the apostles did it and that’s how you will do it as well. There is no other way to access that weight of glory. So make up your mind now.

A Great Reception By Jesus

I don’t know how you feel about it but for Jesus to appear to receive Stephen as he was been killed was far more a great honour anyone can think of on earth. Of all the lessons from Stephen’s death, keep this in mind. Have you thought of where you want to end up after death? Have you ever thought of having Jesus welcome you home when you leave here? Stephen raised the bar, his life revealed to us that if we are in perfect alignment with Jesus Christ, we can receive such a warm welcome too.

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Dear reader, its high time we begin to see beyond our pains. Stephen saw beyond the accusations and stones been thrown at him. That’s why he could see Jesus standing to receive him. See beyond the pain! Even in the pain, accusations, betrayals, loss, storms of life etc, Jesus is there if you are looking well and connected to Him. Stay connected to Jesus irrespective of what you are going through. Shalom!