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Learn From Those That Stopped Praying

In our previous article titled “when prayer stops” we discussed what it means for prayer to stop and how the devil uses the flesh to stop men from praying. If you have it read through, please check it before you read this piece. This is a continuation. We will like you to learn from those that stopped praying. This is a matter that you need to take seriously. 

The first thing you should take note of is that this can happen to anyone irrespective of your spiritual growth and acumen. The battle against the flesh in the place of prayer is a serious one and as long as you are in this body called flesh, the devil will keep using it to tackle you whenever you set out to pray. So, it is a battle the best of us are still fighting. 

The Battle To Stop Praying Becomes More Fierce

I know you are likely to think that once you attain some level of growth, this battle to stop praying will be over. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. The truth is, the higher you go, the greater the battle to make you stop praying. That happens because the devil knows that the higher you go with God, the more weight your prayer carries. So, if the devil is careful to stop you from praying at your level now, what makes you think he will want you to pray when you are more mature?

About a decade ago, I was in a minister’s program and one of our fathers shared an experience with us that perfectly explains this. He had worked in the ministry moving from one place to the other to deliver God’s message being a prophet. That night he was so tired and as he was sleeping, the Holy Spirit tap him gently to wake him up. He told him to stand up and pray. He managed to turn and mumble a few words of prayer and slept off.

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After a while, he got that same tap and heard the voice telling him to get up and pray. This time, he turned but said nothing. He just continued his sleep. He said he got the tap a third time. By this time, the Holy Spirit told him He has come three times signifying the trinity and that he won’t return again. He said jumped up seeing he has no other source and he began to pray. He went on to tell us the danger that would have swept him off if he had slept that night. 

Do you know how many times you stopped praying because you felt you were tired or not in the mood to pray? It is because you are yet to discover that prayer is our breath. If you are not praying, you will be fainting. That’s exactly what Luke 18:1 says. The question is, how long do you think you have to faint before you pass on? But you don’t need to even faint. I mean, why faint when you can pray and live a normal life in Christ Jesus. 

Learn From Abraham When He Stopped Praying

Are you not surprised to see Abraham on this list? Well, it happened to the father of faith. Not only that it happened to him, but he also failed too. Take a look at the account from Genesis 12 to the next chapter. When Abraham entered Bethel, he prayed because he raised an altar there. But when famine came, he forgot to pray. He just did the calculations in his head and he went to Egypt. He forgot God led him to the land in the first place. By his calculations, Egypt would be great.

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Unfortunately for the man of God, he entered into another territory not part of God’s agenda for him. Man of God started plotting lies. How did he enter that territory? He was supposed to be a reflector of God. Lies are of the devil, how did the man of God with so much covenant and promise become the reflector of the devil with lies? What was missing was prayer. He never prayed before he left for Egypt and he didn’t pray when he entered there. The next time he prayed was when he got back to the land where he had first prayed. Learn from Abraham when he stopped praying!

Learn From Elijah When He Stopped Praying 

We all know the prophet Elijah very well. The man who by his word stopped the rain, and by his prayers brought back the rain. He also killed over four hundred prophets of Baal. A man that is as powerful as this, yet lost himself by stopping to pray. While he was declaring God’s words and doing the miracle of healing and rainfall, he was a man of prayer. But he seems to relax from praying because, after the miracle of the rain, there is nowhere he prayed.

No one can call Elijah a small man, but how do you place his fear when he heard that Jezebel had promised to destroy him. How did a man full of faith and with deep spiritual understanding become so fearful from a report that a woman said she would destroy him. Study 1 Kings 18-19 carefully, you would see that he had stopped praying prior to that time. Where is the confidence with which he killed the prophets of Baal? He lost it because he lost his prayer life. Learn from this Elijah!

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The truth is, the devil will give you more than a thousand legitimate reasons to stop praying. Those reasons will be legitimate to your flesh but they will be foolishness to your spirit. This is because you will be tired at some point when you really need to pray, you will need to choose whether to be somewhere when you really need to pray, etc. But if you give in to this sweet fleshy way, you may be mortgaging your destiny for a little comfort.