John The Baptist Was Great But…

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John the Baptist is now doubt a great man. He was sent ahead of Jesus Christ to identify, reveal and announce Him. There is no doubt, he fulfill his course for God. He was a strange man who knew why he was created and the purpose for which he was created. Even when people approached him to question him and it seem they were getting his identity wrong, he told them the simple truth.

Jesus acknowledged his greatness here on earth. As far as the Bible records were concerned, he delivered his mandate. Although he delivered and failed at a point he was expected to be strong. We discussed this earlier in the piece on John the Baptist. I realized two important things him. One showed God’s greatness revealed in his ministry. Something only God can do.

It is interesting to note that this man was in the wilderness obeying God’s instructions to reveal Jesus while bringing people to repentance. It slowly began to dawn on me that people actually go to meet him in the village. He didn’t have to labour through so much in church advertisement. God is great. Somehow the people began seeking him. This is far too great.

Secondly, his provision were made available. He didn’t suffer for his needs. As a matter of fact, he even ate a special type of meal. The Bible pointed out that he was a man whose life and stature commanded respect. It was in that same wilderness that all his needs were met. God was great in him which made him great.

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John the Baptist did well but he didnt live to the fullest of his potential. This man operated in the anointing of Elijah but he never did stuffs like Elijah. As far as this is concerned, John the Baptist failed in this regard. He never did any miracle. How did he move under such a great anointing and didnt do stuffs.

Remember how he died. Elijah could have died that way but that man was a no nensense man. He roasted 102 men because of this but John was ridicled. Anointing usually go deeper with people who inherit or get it after the first user but for Joh the Baptist, it was not the case. John was great but he didnt live to the full potential of the anointing he carried.

Friends, its important that you live to the maximum potential of your anointing. You need to begin to study your anointing and understand the width and length of it all. Plan to live it fully prayerfully and in strength. Please note that you need boldness to deliver this. May the Lord help us all.

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