John The Baptist Missed Out

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There are many lessons one can pick from the life of the man called John the Baptist. As I read through Matthew 11, I saw again an important lesson on how John The Baptist missed out. In this chapter, he made a mistake several of us are making today and the consequence was eternally grievous. It is my prayer that as you read this, God will speak to you. I believe John the Baptist was a great man but he misses a great reward.

When John started, He was inspired and convinced he was the forerunner of Jesus Christ. He left the city to pursue what He knew to be the divine path for his life. He understood his purpose and he followed zealously. God began to show up by drawing people to Him in the wilderness and the fact that he didn’t lack even though he was in the wilderness. The truth is, He was handling God’s project with understanding and zealously. In the words of Pastor Enoch Durotoye, “God’s project done in God’s way will not lack God’s provision” Exactly what He enjoyed. I mean think about it, he was supposed to be the next priest in the city but he found his abode in the wilderness. Many would consider him crazy and probably demonized but he knew his purpose. God didn’t fail to show up too.

They even tried to pronounce him as the messiah, he refuted it and made the scope of his purpose clear. This man was so sure. He even knew the signs to check to single out the messiah which he got right (John 1:25-33). He didn’t only know these things, He was accurate. Let me shock you like my Pastor always does, John walked so much in the spirit that he didn’t need to walk until the dove appear on Jesus to identify Him. He knew Jesus even before the baptism (Matthew 3:14-15). That’s why he pleaded that Jesus should baptize him when he saw Jesus. He accurate in the spiritual intelligence that surrounds his purpose.

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Unfortunately, John the Baptist lost out when he was faced with life situations. Only a few men can stay put in tough situations but if a man like Job could do it, then John the Baptist could and you can do it as well. The pain in the prison seems to let out the assurance he had about his purpose. So much he asked in verse 3 if it was Jesus or if they needed to wait for another. Did he forget the signs or that he saw the signs? What about the healings and miracles? John the Baptist missed God because of his predicament. His gaze was left off from following God and confusion set in. He became confused about what He once knew with assurance.

Life is full of situations carefully planned and scheduled around the believers to make you lose your trust in the vision that holds your tomorrow. But the truth is, the vision will surely speak it’s just a matter of time. Even when the vision is speaking as in the case of John the Baptist, Satan is unrelenting. Satan wants you to lose sight of it and become confused. May you not lose sight of God in Jesus’s name. May the vision that holds your tomorrow not become blurred in Jesus’s name.

What Jesus said touched me to the bones. Jesus acknowledged that there is no one as great as John the Baptist among men. The “but” is the issue. He said the least of in God’s kingdom will be greater than John the Baptist. What a weight for losing out on God at such a crucial time. Invariably, it means John the Baptist automatically becomes the least in God’s kingdom. What a loss! What if he didn’t ask that question and carried on with his conviction.

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The storms in life could be very boisterous but never allow it to tamper with the convictions you have about your purpose or that which you have heard from God. John lost his faith along the line and he lost place. How did he miss it, he didn’t guard his conviction in God about the purpose for his life. I hope this will not be a mere article to you. I hope you will find time to pray with the whole of your heart. Notice, John the Baptist’s birth took angelic announcement, accompanied by supernatural event and his parents were people of God’s altar. Yet, his predicament made him lose out on God. Can you pray and say, Lord, help me not to miss out on you irrespective of what I am going through.