Is Your Mind On Lockdown?

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Well, it’s no news that a lot of cities and countries around the world are on lockdown. There has been no movement at all or partial movement as the case maybe. It seems every mind is on lockdown too. Every workaholic is forced to take rest indefinitely. The lazy ones are made to engage in worrisome rest from work. Thanks but no thanks to COVID19. As it is now, it doesn’t look like that stay at home is ending so soon.

Yes Or No

Whether you’re the workaholic or the lazy one, I have a significant question for you. Now that all movements and economic activities are on lockdown, will your mind be on lockdown too? Will your right frame of mind be lockdown too? Well, its not a rhetorical question. It’s a serious one and you need to find an answer to that question. Unfortunately, it’s a yes or no answer and your silence already shows where you belong.

People Whose Mind Are On Lockdown

It’s quite unfortunate that some people’s mind are already on lockdown. It appears that the moment they heard about the lockdown, their mind went on holidays. The moment some left office to retire home because of the stay at home order, it’s like they left their brains in the office. It’s also possible that the situation on ground is getting to them. But these are people delivering in the face of challenges and distractions at work. Their brains is simply on lockdown and I hope this piece helps.

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How Did I know?

Well, it’s not difficult to know. These were people with top-notch insightful thinking making exceptional plans at work and providing solutions that is keeping the business. Ever since they have been staying at home, all they do was to eat, sleep, complain and lazy around. They have never thought of what this time could be used to achieve. That is a mind that is lockdown. It’s terrible that we can find people indulge in such a lifestyle. What you do now will determine if you will still be relevant in the world of men after the lockdown.

Life After Lockdown

Even if you have put your mind on lockdown before now. It is time you to wake up. You need to decide what you want to look like after the lockdown. This time shall pass. It is definitely not the end. Where do you want to be after the lockdown. Now is the time to decide and no one can do that for you. Remember that not making a decision is also a decision. Don’t forget that success is always achieved through conscious effort.

It is also possible that you have not thought about how the end of lockdown will look like. People’s life, security, jobs and families may have been wounded. The economy itself is already receiving the heat. Think of about the side of heat you are likely to get when the economy spreads it across board. I don’t just understand how a person’s mind will be on lockdown inspite of the obvious consequences. This is not to bring fear but to serve as an eye opener that your mind should not be on lockdown now.

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In the next piece, I will be discussing few out of numerous things you should be doing right now. Until then, think about these few words of mine. If you are blessed, please share with loved ones. You can as well leave comment in the box below. Let’s hear from you.

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