In This Year

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Dear Pastor, it’s been a while you heard from me. Well, there has been work in the vineyard. It’s has become necessary for me to warn you in this year. That sounds so serious because it is both urgent and important.

In this new year, God has an agenda and He is set to do great and mighty things. This piece is written especially for African Pastors. There is a lot to be done. If you peep into the spirit realm, you will realize God is starting projects that will span the next few years.

These are not the days of religion. They are over. If you are still doing religion, you will be called Pastor among men but you will not be part of what God is doing. You will be like the Pharisees and Sadducee doing religion in the temple when God had already became flesh dwelling amidst her people.

Look for God in spirit and truth. Forget about church tradition. God is set to move in differs ways. Only men who truly seek God will find Him. Don’t get carried away with order of service and protocol. Discerning His movements is the key this year. Both devil and God are set for harvest. The question is, where will you be harvested?

In the process of following religion dutifully, they missed God so much that they didn’t know when He started the project they waiting for and discussing in the temple. If you do religion in these days, you will not only miss God but you will also be slain. The devil is already angry with the projects. Note that God’s power for both protection and exploits navigate in the direction of His projects.

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So go and find your place in what God is doing right now. It will come to pass when you have done religion that you will find yourself fighting what God is building. Just the Pharisees, you will eventually promote God’s course in your ignorance but then you will have lost out and will no more be counted as one of us.

I have many things to tell you but I will need to bring them in capsules. Take this as the first capsule for the year. Endeavor you share with Pastor friends. Join me on this same page for the continuation.