How To Connect With Grace

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Thank you for staying on and for checking back. We have been sharing thoughts on grace in the last few days. I promised in the last piece to end the discussion with how to connect to grace. That’s exactly what we will be looking at in this piece.

There is no need to be jealous of other people’s graces. The ones you carry are enough to place you where God wants you to be. Part of what determines men’s placement in life is the kind and level of grace God places on them. If only you recognize the grace upon your life and the nations awaiting you to come and use that grace to bring them out of shambles, you will become dedicated to grace upon your life.

But it’s okay to appreciate the grace of God in people’s life. It is good to truly appreciate the graces upon people’s life. And when you do, tell them if you can. Encourage them the more. Even if that’s the only contribution you can make in their life, do it joyfully. It is good to encourage one another.

So, I promised to share how to connect to grace in this piece. I will be sharing three major ways to connect with graces. If you have been thinking about some graces you see in people’s life. This piece will help with information to bring it into your life.

But it is important to note that God doesn’t release graces for the fun of having them. Graces are God’s strategic way of solving problems for humanity. So, God only releases graces on purpose. The question is what do you want to do with the graces you covet?

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The first way to get a particular grace operational in your life is by prayer. You can pray your way through until God releases the grace upon your life. So, instead of fighting the grace or been jealous of other people’s graces, stop the jealousy and pray fervently for the grace to come upon you.

Also, you can serve a grace to bring it upon your life. The key here is that you serve it with the whole of your heart. It’s just like anointing, the quality of the service you give will determine if the grace will come on you. You can serve your way through.

Lastly, you can sow seeds to attract anointing into your life. If there is something you want to do, all you need is to look for people who have done it successfully and sow seeds into their life to connect to the grace in their lives that makes it possible for them to achieve that thing.

Now that you know, what will you do with the knowledge? What grace do you covet right now? Now make out a plan for how you want to get that grace to operate in your life. To your success!