How Prepared Are You For Life After Death?

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The story of a king and one of his chiefs were told some time ago. This story illustrates life after death very clearly. The king had made someone the greatest fool in his kingdom based on the several displays of foolishness in his character. That eventually earned him honor in his own right.

How Prepared Are You For Life After Death?

Not too long, it happened that the king became sick. It was so grievous that everyone became scared. At a point when it was clear that he may never recover from the sickness, this chief visited the king. In their discussion, he asked the king a simple but powerful question. If lots of us are asking this question the world will be a better place.

He said, “now that it is clear that you may not recover from this sickness, what is the preparation you have made for the journey ahead?” The king replied, “what preparation?” There’s nothing to do, when death comes, I will depart. Then the greatest fool in his kingdom declared that he has never seen a fool as this that will be going on a journey with no return and has no plans. That day, he dropped the position for the king saying he himself is the greatest fool in the kingdom.

Today, that’s how we live our lives. We live as though there’s nothing after death. Friends, let me remind you that there’s life after death. Death is not the end. It is actually a passage to enter another life. The only problem here is that what you do with the life you have now is what will determine how your life after death will be. It is no news that we all are a pilgrim in this life. The earlier you realize that, the better. Don’t forget that no matter how many years you used in this life, it is nothing compared to what you will use in life after death because it has no end.

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Life After Death

Well, fortunately, and unfortunately life after death has two parts; heaven (a place of rest) and hell (a place of pain and torment). You will have to make a choice where you want to end it. Interestingly, you are already making a choice as your life every day. This is why Hebrews 9:27 says it is given onto us to die once and judgment follows. Judgment will assess your life in relation to what God says. The outcome of the judgment is what will determine where you will end it.

Are You Prepared?

The question is, are you preparing for that judgment? Do you have it in your mind that death is not the end? God is advising you to make a good choice. Devil will help you make the decision to walk into hell if you are not intentional about ending well. If you have never thought about it, this is the hand of grace stretch to you in this piece. And if you have this in you already, it’s a warm reminder never to give up because the adversary the devil is roaming about seeking whom to destroy. (1 Peter 5:8)

If you live each day as if it your last, you will not only live a meaningful life in the face of humanity but also with God. You need to stay prepared for life after death. A meaningful life begins with God first, if it is meaningful with God, it will definitely be meaningful with man. Tomorrow we will begin with the steps required. Join me tomorrow in the next piece.

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