How John The Baptist Missed It

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Every Bible student is conversant with the man called John the Baptist. A lot of people knows he held a significant spot to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Without Him, we may not have found salvation easily. Somehow John the baptist missed it.

John the Baptist was the forerunner for Jesus. He was born to prepare and to clear the path for Jesus Christ. He was the one God planted to baptize and identify the long awaited Messiah. His ministry was basically to prepare people’s mind towards the long awaited salvation and to identify the one chosen for this purpose. As far as the Bible records, he identified Him clearly.

People wanted to call Him Messiah because of the peculiarity of his personality and ministry but he declined. He immediately inform them that he himself wasn’t the light but was brought forth to bear witness to the light (John 1:6-8). In other words, John was clear about his identity and purpose on earth. This is an important lesson to learn from John the baptist.

John the baptist followed through his assignment so much that he recognized Jesus at once (John 1: 29-30). This means he was really working towards delivering as God expected and he didn’t allow people to push him into what God did not call him to do. John was truly a great man but he missed it. It is my prayer that we won’t miss it in Jesus name.

How Did John The Baptist Missed It

After John was imprisoned by the king as requested by Herodia. John the baptist made the greatest mistake of his life as recorded in Matthew 11. I am yet to understand why he did this but this made him lost so much. He sent his disciples to ask Jesus if he is the Messiah or if they should wait for another. What a question! It shouldn’t have been from him. That was just too bad. That’s how John the baptist missed it.

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In John 1:23 he gave a proper definition of himself and even quoted Isaiah. In verses 29 to 36 he declared Jesus as the Christ. He added the sign by which he made that conclusion as an instruction that was peculiar for Jesus. He had baptized several people but God said whoever you see the spirit descend on as dove, He is the One. John the baptist fished Him out with that. He did a perfect job but still missed it.

How did he come to that point that he lost the assurance he had in God’s word so much that he didn’t try to find out from God. Its okay to be confused once in a while but you should go back to the great One to clear all doubts. What I really don’t understand is what ministered the unbelief and doubt in John the baptist. He was very bold and sure when he started. Friends, fight every doubt and unbelief because it can take so much from you.

I love the way Jesus replied his disciples. In Matthew 11:4, Jesus replied those he sent “Go and show John again those things you do hear and see” Notice the word “again” This is because John already answered the question before when he witnessed the ministry of Jesus. He knew it before now, it is somehow that he lost out. That cost him much anyway.

This is why He said John though been the greatest that lived but he will be the lowest in the kingdom of God (Matthew 11:11). That was never an intention of God, it was due to the costly unbelief and doubt that John the baptist exhibited. Friends, your unbelief can cost you lots. Its high time you start fighting unbelief with every spiritual force you’ve got. Pray, read the word and go through the promises of God for you over and over again. Just trust God. 

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