How Bad Is It?

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Today, I am inspired to write you a few words. It’s such that people will expect it on a Monday but it’s for a Friday. This is because God wants you to stay focused. You will understand why as we go on, just be a little bit patient. Ensure you read it to the end and share it with loved ones as well.

Almost all of us have failed at one thing or the other and that’s good. It’s first confirmed that we are human because it’s God that succeeds all the time. So you are not abnormal because you failed. Embrace the fact that you are human. As a matter of fact, failing is part of God’s instrument to take us to where He wants to put us. Failing in one thing or the other doesn’t make you a failure.

Secondly, it also means that you are attempting something new or doing things in another direction. That means your creativity is in the process of growth which means you are growing. Each time you failed, if you are looking in the right direction, you would have discovered ways in which the goal cannot be achieved or see why the result is not coming forth. Everyone who succeeded in one thing or the other saw the direction of their success in the ruins of their failure. You just need to look well.

I know you are used to trying to forget the projects or goals on a day like this. You just want to have fun and come back on Monday. My friend, if you are seeking success part-time, you can’t have it full time. Can you evaluate your process, people, and inputs right now? Check your goal, your inputs, and the methods. One or two things must be wrong or inadequate for you to have failed. The process of identifying this also makes you great and gradually takes you into mentoring position for people coming behind. Failure is not all bad.

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How Bad Is It?

So to my question, how bad is it? I mean how bad is the failure? I know you are probably saying I don’t know how bad it is. Irrespective of how bad you think or know it is, I will like you to know that everyone who succeeded had that part of life too when it was very bad. If you intend to end up being successful then you must do what they did. Ask everyone that succeeded, they will tell you that they looked beyond failure to be able to see the greatness those failures were pointing them to.

If you have failed badly, my friend you have a great capacity for success if you are looking in the right direction in those failures. Don’t let it be a stumbling block to your success rather let it be the stepping stone into your success. That depends on what you are looking at in the failures. What You is what will determine your thoughts and consequently birth actions. Your actions will tell whether or not you will be successful. The choice is absolutely yours.

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