Here Is How I Started Writing Again

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I started writing as a kid. In those days, I would write stories formed around things I could see and the things I imagined with them. It was a great feeling pouring myself out into words. I was on this path for a few years until I came across some friends who told me my writing could fetch me money. That way great news for me or who doesn’t like the money? I am sure you do too! So, I opt in to learn more about how this could happen.

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The Disappointment

The learning phase was great, and I did enjoy every bit of it. Although the training on how I could earn my writing skills was impactful, it wasn’t complete. It failed to show me the hurdles I had to cross. So, I had every other thing in place except for the knowledge of the time it takes. So, I began to write with enthusiasm as though the world was waiting for my book. It looked like upon release of the book, I would sell lots of copies instantly. 

Well, things didn’t go the way I thought. People didn’t even show up for the launch. I was devastated and felt hurt. I wish someone could give answers to why things went this way. It was so painful I took a walk without a particular destination. I had spent my all to make the publication work, and it all went down the drain. I couldn’t have been more disappointed in my life. That was the end of that book. It was never published for sale. 

A Leap To Write Again

Five years later, I began to write poems and short articles for fun again. It appeared like I forgot I ever attempted to write in the past. After I had written for fun for about two years, I stumbled on a post on a platform. Someone needed a writer to write articles. I took a leap of faith, I applied and before I knew it, I got the job. This was the first time I made some money with my writing skill.

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I knew if I could earn once, then it wouldn’t be impossible to reproduce the process. I took a step of faith to search for writer jobs, and I saw many. So, I understood that you may not get opportunities if you never search for them. This act got me several article writing opportunities at that time. I did this for about three years writing for different clients.

One day, I told myself that it was time I birth my ideas to books. I have always moved around with several book ideas. The problem was that I didn’t have enough finance to run a hardcopy publication. After careful deliberation, I resorted to ebook publication on self-publishing platforms. All I did was search through the internet, and I had a few of them. So, sometimes, you are not making headway because you are yet to research how to achieve your goals. You think the one way you know is the only way. You may be wrong!

This was how I published my ebooks, and I became one of the Authors with ebooks to his name. The path of succeeding as a writer may be wavy and unimpressive at the beginning. My advice is that you should never give up on yourself and your writing skills. Even when it seems nothing good will come from it, find ways to enhance your writing skills. A positive result will come if you continue to pursue your writing goals and interest. The idea is to stay positive and persevere. Read more posts from here.

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