The Victory Path: God Spoke, You Should Speak

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Sometimes our world which we think we know so well falls into shackles. It comes with lots of pain to see what we have struggled to build fall into shambles. Well, if this is where you are right now, you are not alone. It happened to God the almighty. That is what we read about in Genesis 1:1-2. God already made everything great in creation. That is evident in Genesis 1:1.

The account we read in Genesis 1:2 is after a great war had happened in heaven. It was after Lucifer had planned and carried out a coup in Heaven. The coup failed which resulted in the demotion of this archangel and made him a vagabond on earth (Isaiah 14:12). Between Genesis 1 verses 1 and 2 are lots of years we can’t account for. 

When God was meeting with the situation on earth in Genesis 1:2, He didn’t handle the situation the way we do today. Many of us would cry, some will probably blame themselves or other people while some will just accept the situation as final. Only very few of us will find the courage to do something positive about it. Which side of the divide are you on?

Things happen, and bad things do happen even to good people. When bad things happen, what you do with them will determine whether things will go bad or not. This is because any situation that is capable of breaking you down also has the capacity to uplift you. What you get from the situation is based on what you do with the situation. 

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Now that things are not going well as you would like them to or maybe things have fallen apart, it’s a chance to showcase some of your creativity. That’s exactly what we read in Genesis chapter one. We saw how God used his divine powers and creativity to call forth everything as though they were. Would you rather follow God’s way in your situation?

What Did God Do?

If you have read Genesis 1 well enough, you would understand it has the account of creation. But do you also see that it was recreation? Yes, it was. God didn’t have to dwell much on the fact that things were not in shape, He simply acted. Not just that God acted, He took the right action that changed the situation for good instead of complaining or brooding over it.

So, we saw that God created everything that was missing including man. God fixed the situation. You would notice that after God created everything that was missing, He added man to manage the whole thing. That means God solved the problem and also provided a support system to ensure things remain in shape. Enough of your brooding over spilled milk, do like God. Take positive action.

How Did God Take Action

Though it is established that God took positive action and turn the situation around. The question is how? Well, the answer is not farfetched in Genesis 1. God spoke everything into existence. So, as things are not working out the way you want it, the question is; what are you saying about the situation?

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If you keep saying it is not working, then it won’t. Words are powerful in God’s mouth so are they in your mouth too. Call out great things into your life via prayers and confessions. Keep saying those words till they materialize. Don’t be quiet whether you are alone or among people in a congressional prayer. Even if it crosses your mind suddenly, say great things.

Stand head to head with the situation and speak until it changes. Remember Elijah and the rain issue? While he was praying, Elijah sent his assistant to check seven times but each time he brought a different report, He didn’t stop speaking. He spoke until the result came. You can be tired now, keep speaking it, it will definitely come. 

Whatever it is that is the problem or situation, receive the grace to speak life into it in Jesus’ name (Amen). The grace is coming on you now. Please don’t waste the grace, stand up now and begin to speak life to the situation. Call light to every area ruled by darkness. Declare victory for every spiritual battle in the name of Jesus. Keep declaring it until it comes. It will definitely come in Jesus’ name (Amen). Read this too