God Needs You Now

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God needs you now

We have come to a time in history when God is reaching out to many youths. The heavy youth enrollment started a few years back. Presently, we are at the center of the enrollment into ministry. God has a need He is filling in humanity, and it’s a big project of revival. The devil is aware of this too. This is why the attack is so strong.

There is so much attack on our minds, society, and doctrines. Devil is trying to make us all believe the abnormal things are now normal. Is it not a concern that ladies’ nakedness is fast becoming normal in our society? Or that ministers of the gospel are found in occultic groups or living sinful life comfortably. We need to arise before the devil uses this to cause more havoc in the kingdom. Remember, there is not much time left. God has a need now!

If you are a minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, I will like you to go through this piece first. This will help you to partly understand the urgency of the assignment and the involvement of everyone that is called into ministry. This is our collective call whether you are a Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist or an Apostle. You are needed now, God needs you now!

Please note that this call is not for everyone. It is for everyone who is willing to see God’s purpose fulfilled and grow while striving to stand for God to fill the need per time. If you think you fit into this description and you are ready for the kingdom business. Please do not hesitate to join us. It is important to note that this is a network, and serious-minded people are required. All we are saying is that God needs you now!

So, there are three sets of people this call is for. They include;

  1. If you already know you are called into ministry (not necessarily pulpit ministry), and you are ready to answer the call, then you are welcome.
  2. Those who do not know whether or not they are called but are seeing signs. If you are not sure of your call, join us. You will discover your ministry as we fellowship together.
  3. Finally, if you like to work for God and be a blessing to your generation. Please fill out the form below, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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