Giving In The Kingdom Of God

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Yesterday as my Pastor was taking us through teaching on giving. My eyes opened up to a few things. The Holy Spirit showed me some things about what giving is in the kingdom. So, I decided to share one important truth about giving in the kingdom as the Holy Spirit magnified in my spirit yesterday.

To a natural man, giving means a reduction in the volume of what you have. I remember several years ago when I was an undergraduate, a roommate told his friend that there is love in sharing. The other young man responded that it’s not true. He said there is a reduction in sharing. Well, he is right in the natural sense. There will be a reduction in whatever you are sharing.

The problem with that truth is that it is the natural man’s truth not the kingdom of God’s truth. The kingdom of God does not function by the common sense of men. These are two different worlds running on different operating systems. In the operating system of the world, when you take from what you have to give someone, it reduces. This is the foundation for selfishness.

We need to be constantly reminded that we live by faith and not by sight. If you live by sight, you will keep seeing the reduction. Hence the reason you will keep avoiding giving. When you give in this kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, things increase but you can’t see the increase with physical eyes. It is only through the spiritual eyes of faith that things increase by giving.

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How do I know this? This truth is scattered all over the scriptures. I mean, start with God Himself, He gave Jesus to get the whole world. Think about how many Christians have slept, those that are alive, and those that will still come to Jesus Christ. That’s what John 3:16 says. That’s how much one given can attract. Even God our father was a giver and is still a giver because He daily loads us with benefits (Psalm 68:19). 

Luke 6:38 is one of the popular Bible verses people quote to talk about giving. It also establishes this truth that giving does not mean reduction, it means getting more back. Think about the measure you use to give been pressed down and shaken to accommodate your returns. That is a mystery of giving in this kingdom that is best explained with the principles of sowing and reaping.

It is worthy of note that you must lose your seed to the ground before you can ever talk about reaping. The problem is that many want to keep or eat their seed and expect a harvest. That is not going to happen. This explains why lots of people are not having harvest. There is no harvest if you are not sowing. It is a fundamental law in the kingdom.

I think the best thing to do now in other to live in affluence is to live as a giver. Giving without looking back, cultivate the habit of giving. Become the answer to many people’s prayer for provision in any way whether small or big. That’s how God will start setting men in places to be answers to your prayer too. If you are blessed, please share with people, like, and comment. You can also read about seeds

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