A Frustrated Life

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A frustrated life is not a kind of life anyone plans or intend to live. It appears a lot of people are living it already as a result consequences of their actions or inactions. What if you know exactly the things that may land you one and avoid them. Your guess is right as mine.

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A whole lot of people are frustrated with their lives. Some are frustrated with their jobs, home, relationship, failure etc. They are constantly in pain of how things seems never to work. Lots of people are reminded of their failures every time they see other colleagues. People are constantly thinking about their failures even on the street.

Frustrated Life Everywhere

The whole world is already tensed with lots of frustrated people. They constantly passing it around like an infectious virus. Don’t be part of them. It’s actually very easy to become one if not checked. This is because a companion of fools will become a fool if not worse. Unfortunately, there are too many people living the frustrated life. Hence, its a serious work to avoid living a frustrated life.

A Personal Decision

It begins from here. You need to make a personal decision that you will work with. Since you are likely to interface with a frustrated person at work, on the street or in the Bus. How do you interact with them without catching this deadly virus of frustration? A personal decision works like magic. It helps you to spot the virus and then try to avoid it.

Stop The Competition

Its funny how people compete with friends without their knowledge. Some people keep checking their friends life to set a standard for themselves. What a simple way to actively live a frustrated life! By now, it should be clear to you that everyone runs their own a race and get things done on his/her timelines. When your time comes, it will be evident. Just keep preparing for your breakthrough.

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Unchangeable Things

Its very worrisome that some people are frustrated over things they can’t change. For instance, you can’t change your parents. So if they are poor that should not set you into frustration but it should fire you to do something to change your status. Learn to distinguish between what you can change and what you can’t. You won’t have control over everything.

Seek Help

Its bad how the society makes us see seeking help as a sign of weakness. No one is an island of knowledge, power, wealth etc. Everyone needs assistance at one point or the other. So seek help when you need it. Just make sure you seek the help at the appropriate places.

Your Companions

Who are your friends? Do they lift you or reduce your self esteem? Anyone who reduces your self esteem every time you interact is not a friend. Also, avoid staying too long with friends who are frustrated already. Their frustration will make you see things differently that you maybe feeling frustrated too.

Don’t Live A Frustrated Life

Finally, know who you are. Make sure your visions are clear. Understand your goals and how you intend to achieve them. Work with your timelines and never force yourself into somebody else’s timelines. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come overnight, it takes work, courage, structure and time to build.

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