Five Critical Success Factors

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Five Critical Success Factors

Five Critical Success Factors

I don’t think success can be overrated. Everyone is seeking to succeed at one thing or the other. That’s why we run from pillar to post. Its all to seek success. Its important to note that success has a broad meaning because it means different things to different people. And if you are reading this piece, I am convinced you are in search of success. I believe you are also serious about it if not, you won’t be on this page.

The first place to begin your success search is no other place than you. You need to do a search from within and find out what you believe success is. You need a working definition of what success truly means to you. Without first creating this, you might be running after shadows in your pursuit for success. How do you even know what you are pursuing without a picture of what success means to you. Once you are done with this, you may go on with these five critical success factors.

How You See Yourself

How you see yourself matters as far as being successful in life is concerned. Even the Bible says “as he thinketh so is he” What you don’t see yourself achieve can never become your experience. If you think you are a failure, then you are. Its critical because this is first battle you need to fight and win within yourself. Well, the world still belong to those who believe in themselves.

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What You Do With Your Situation

Everyone has a situation they are not happy about or that they wish they have power to change. You’re not alone. Its not as bad as you think. What you have not realized is that its a blessing in disguise. Your situation, no matter how bad you think it is has treasures for the top embedded in it. You just need to look beyond the pains to see the path that will lead you to greatness. Think about Jephthah and Joseph in the Bible, their pains eventually paid up.

What Others Do To You

We live in an unfair world, get used to it. Others will do several things to you that maybe unreasonable and painful at times. You can’t control what people do to you but you can choose how you react to it as well as what you do with it. Don’t let the garbage people throw at you make you forget that you were made for success. Instead of those things being the reason for your downfall, make it the reason for your rise.

What You Have

Well, you may not have it all. The truth is that you were not designed to have it all. If you have everything, there will be no need for creativity and to strive to for can’t be replaced. Its only God that can have everything. With the little you have, make it count for your success. Find a way to manage it. Stop crying about what you don’t have. Think about you have and how to make it worthwhile.

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Your God

Who is your God? Do you know your God? Do you interact with your God? If you can answer yes to these questions then your life is made. I serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I am aware of His agenda for my life. If you do as well success is on the way. God is the only one who knows what you don’t know so during the dark moment, you need God to shine the light on your path. Know your God!

To your success.

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