Fighting Through For Your Goals

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I will like to appreciate everyone who has made it through to read the piece on goal setting. We are taking a step further. We want to discuss fighting through the goals. It is of no use setting goals if we are not ready fight through to achieve it.

We began by looking at the man called Jacob and how Racheal became his goal. We saw how he set the goal, placed a timeline and committed himself to achieve it. So, how did Jacob fought through for his goals. Thats what we want to see in this piece.

I most put out that at the beginning, Jacob only targetted Racheal but if you have read through his story, you will find out that he got every other thing in the process. Thats how goals are a lot of time. As a matter of fact, what you become in the process of achieving your goals is by far the greatest gift much more than the set goals. At end of Jacob’s journey in Laban’s house, he had became a multitude and a strong man. Remember he came in as an fugitive. So you see, what you become after fighting through to achieve the goal is more than the goal itself.

In verse 20 of the same chapter 29, the Bible says he served for 7 years for Rechael and they seem a few days. Oh my God! How can a man worked for 2555 days and called that few days? This was not just taking a walk, it was real hard work. His work was powered by the passion and love for his goal. If you set a goal, you cant go far let alone achieving it without passion and love. Have you ever thought of how it was possible for Jesus to go through the pain and humiliation at Calvary? The love and passion held Him glued to the cross not the Roman soldier nails. That’s how far and deep love and passion can take you when your goals are burried in them.

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In that same verse, the Bible says “for Rachael” which means his goal was clear and he maintained focus. How did I know? When Laban gave him Leah, he didn’t retire to that like many of us retire to whatever comes. That means sometimes life can deliver something else different from our goals even when we have put in the very best efforts. He continue to make demand for his goal which Rachael. That’s persistent and focus in display. Someone said, focus blinds. Thats true. His focus on Rachael did not permit him to see Leah. That’s how your focus on your goals should keep you blind to every other thing that look like it or not it if actually you are focused.

His focus made him served another seven years just to end up with Rachael. Again, I reiterate that this is persistent. For some of us that gives up too easily, this is a lesson. He set seven years but he eventually got it after fourteen years. So, if you dont get your goals achieved at the timeline you set, the world has not ended. You can work more until it comes. Keep your eyes glued to the goal and be engrossed in it so much that you wont know that time is far spent. Keep doing it until it comes.

I hope this piece has blessed you. If has, please don’t hesitate to share it with loved ones and family members. I will also love to hear from you. You can shoot me an email or simply use the comment section below. See you in the next piece of this series!

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