Faith and Righteousness

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I will like to appreciate you for checking back on this page. I trust that God is using some of the pieces here to reach you. God bless you. Let’s take a look at faith and righteousness

Yesterday, we discussed Faith and perversion in the teaching of Faith. Any Faith expressed in the pursuit of other things than God is a dead Faith. Whatever you chase your Faith with will eventually possess you. That’s why it is a dangerous thing to live your life trying to use Faith to acquire material things, fame, wealth, etc.

In this piece, we shall discuss Faith and Righteousness. Let’s try and establish the connection between the two. I believe if we understand this, it will help us in the right approach to Faith. So, a good point to begin is; what do you think righteousness really means? Understanding this is very key since we already know what Faith is.

Without using too many words, righteousness is the outcome of you striving to live right with God. Specifically, as Christians, we have been called into a kingdom. So, living right with the laws and policies of the kingdom is righteousness. Interestingly, some people don’t even know that they are saved in a kingdom and that they must live worthy of the kingdom.

The kingdom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is a spiritual kingdom. It is humanly impossible to live that kingdom on the mere physical plane. Those that will succeed must first be educated about the kingdom, know how the kingdom functions and operates. That’s why we have the Bible. The kingdom is domicile in our hearts.

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While we read through the Bible, there is a personality that explains what read and enables us to do the dictates of the Bible. That personality is Holy Spirit, without Him we can’t amount to anything. The issue is that He doesn’t force Himself on anyone. So there are several Christians who came into the kingdom but somehow avoided the Holy Spirit. Their lives will be the exact opposite of what God intends them to be. That’s the problem.

This is where Faith and Righteousness meet. You need God’s empowered Faith to be righteous in the kingdom. That’s why I mentioned yesterday, that Faith is a tool to improve your spiritual growth. Now take a look at Abraham, you will discover that the only thing that kept him going and increasing with God is his Faith in God. That’s how he got the promised child. Take a closer look at all the fathers of Faith.

Hebrew 11:33 points out that it is through Faith that the heroes of Faith wrought righteousness. That means they became righteous through their faith in God to do what He called them to do. It was their faith in God that God alone is sufficient for them and that He can take them through anything that made them grow spiritually and then live rightly with God. This is the correct and most noble way to express your faith in God.

Interestingly, Romans 1:17 reveals the relationship between Faith and Righteousness. The first part of that verse reveals that Faith is directly proportional to righteousness. That means as Faith grows, righteousness is expected to grow. Now, this is a healthy faith in God. If anyone tells you that they have a strong faith and it doesn’t reflect in their lives and dealings with God, it’s a lie.

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This is a check for everyone. Have you always believed you have a strong faith in God and you are not living right with God? Maybe your faith is in the material things or the provision. Always aim at God, if you do, you won’t miss anything but you aim at material things or wealth, you will definitely miss God and sometimes even miss those things. Retrace your steps today, like Joshua I urge you to pick life today. Don’t walk in the path of death.

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