What He Said About Faith And Money

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In the last piece, we discussed how God used the great man of God, Rev. Albert Oduwole to bless the church on Sunday. I stated that there were two things he mentioned that I won’t joke with. Well, the last piece discussed the first statement. If you haven’t read that piece, please go here to check it out. In this piece, we will look at what he said about faith and money.

In this piece, we shall be looking at something he said about faith. Actually, he said a number of things about faith but one caught my attention. I decided to evaluate it and it is amazingly true. I don’t know he came to that but it is really insightful. I believe it is something that will be beneficial to you too.

Faith And Money

As he was blessing the church, he came to a point where he made a profound statement about faith with respect to money. According to him, there is a similitude between faith and money. That similitude was a surprise I haven’t thought of it until the moment he mentioned his discovery on the similitude.

He said he discovered that faith and money are the same. I know you would debunk that but he didn’t end it there. The clause he added to it is the power of the statement. He said “the more you have, the more you can do”. Take a moment to check that. I couldn’t agree less. I don’t know about you but that statement is powerful. Faith and money, take time to study them both.

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How True Is The Statement?

The best way to see the picture clearly is to see how incapacitated people become when there is no money. Now, imagine the influx of energy that comes the moment money comes in. If you’re a salary earner and your pay is delayed by two to three days when you are financially down. Imagine the muscle that comes when you check your phone and its salary alert.

It means you now have power to buy things on your list. You can now answer and make some calls. Such is the power money gives. I once read a note that says all men have a voice, money is the volume. As funny as that may sound it is true. With money, men can command a lot of things without living a spot.

How About Faith?

Now take a deep look at faith too. Let’s begin with a Biblical definition of faith revealed in the faith chapter in the Bible, Hebrew 11. The first verse says it is the evidence of things not seen. That means although you don’t have that thing yet but faith guarantees the delivery of that thing. It means you’re sure you have it already through faith.

Now imagine you have the faith that can deliver all your needs, will you lack anything? Definitely no. Take a look at verse 3, and see that all God created was formed by faith. That means all we can see and those that we can’t see came into existence by faith. It therefore means that the more faith you have, the more you can do.

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An Advice

Now that we see the truth that the more faith you have, the more you can, will it not be wise to seek for a way to increase your faith? Personally I think it is the best pursuit you can embark on. The fathers of faith went far because they had faith. Faith is not even an option because without it, you can’t see God. Now is time to boost your faith. See you in the next piece on how to boost your faith.

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