Essential Lesson On Giving 3

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Well, this makes the third piece on this subject matter. It is important we look at it because it is a tool God uses to bless and increase men. If it must work for you, you must do it the God way with a good understanding less Satan wastes your resources. We are not ignorant of his devices, therefore we must stand by God’s formula of giving.

Today, I will tell just two stories briefly to explain my focus. The first was my Mum’s experience. Few years back, a Pastor visited her just to say hello. It’s her usual practice to always give men of God a gift at any time they pay her a visit. On this particular day, there was nothing at home she could give. She search everywhere only to find two pieces of small antiseptic soaps. She wrapped it a nylon and pleaded with the man of God not be angry about how inconsequential the gift was. He received it with joy and blessed her.

A few weeks later, the wife of the man of God visited her and while they were discussing she narrated how the gift of the soap was so timely. They hadn’t used soap for about a week. What does this mean? Nothing is too small to give out. Why you are thinking it is small and refusing to give, you may never know it’s a life saver for the person. You must keep in mind that only God knows why you are prompted to give especially if it just crossed your mind. As small as it may seem, it has a high value somewhere and it has the capacity to open great doors for you.

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The second story; I was in a meeting few weeks ago, it was a meeting of people planning on how we can help the society in our own little way. The anchor recounted an experience with one old woman. It really touched me to the bones. He narrated how an old illetrate woman trekked a very long distance to contribute N200 for a philanthropic project for the needy. How could she have trekked a long distance just to give? This is a woman everyone will categorize as an a needy herself but she came through to lend an helping hand.

What I picked from this after thinking it through is that you don’t have to possess everything before you can give. It also occurs to me that her love for humanity blinded her to see her own need. The distance she trekked scares me. I can’t but think about it over and over again. She didn’t have transport fare but she has a little she can use to assist mankind. It seem to me that she could have done more if she had. She is totally consumed in the love for the needy.

Friends, giving is both a gift and a spirit. Remember that old poor widow who gave all with a humble heart (Luke 21:1-5). Its all about the heart behind the giving. That’s what matters to God. And if you seek to matter to God, set your heart aright in giving. From this point, set your heart to help people. Lend an helping hand to someone in need. Be the answer to someone’s prayer. 

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