End SARS: Is Nigeria Prophecy Coming Through With?

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There has been lots of prophecies about the country Nigeria. And as things begin to take new shape with the end SARS campaign, it’s important to look back and see what God has said to determine the season we are in now. This will help us to know what God wants to do now and how best we can position ourselves to bring it to pass. Nigeria is a nation hanging on so many prophecies. Here is one of them

Nigeria is currently going through a spiritual reformation. People who know how to take a glance from the spiritual are already armed with this knowledge. Only an ordinary man will think it’s just a protest like any other one in the world. There’s a shift in spiritual realm which is what is responsible for all we are seeing in the physical. These days are not ordinary.

Last year, in it’s last two months I spoke about God using youths greatly this year. I did mentioned that lots of ministry will also spring up with youth as setmen. This was superimposed on my spirit last year. Interestingly, it came to my mind few days ago that what the youths are doing now is part of what God want to use the youths for in this year. The train is already on the move.

It’s Not Just About The Youths

Even though we may not always fully understand the words of Holy Spirit until we come into it’s manifestation. God is involved in the transformation that is currently and slowly taking place in Nigeria. It’s not just about the youth, its about the land. Remember that it wasn’t the children of Israel conquering the Canaan, it was the fact that the land push out the inhabitants because of their Sins (Genesis 15:13-16).

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So it’s about the land, the sins and the judgement of God. The youths are just instrument in God’s hands. I like Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s sermon on Sunday. He was very balanced. We are in a new season and those who don’t understand the season think it’s about the protest pictures, videos and foods. No, it’s more than that. In a time like this, you will find out that the sins of people have contributed to inhumane dealings in this nation is gradually finding them.

The Prayer Walk With End SARS

I have read series of comments on social media about the prayer walk. Some said that is all we know how to do that it is time for actions. They don’t understand that what is currently going on in Nigeria is a spiritual warfare. You can’t win a spiritual warfare by just physical exercises. No, the spiritual controls the physical and not the other way round.

In great times like this, it is to be noted that evil people are not asleep too. They are working seriously to make sure things go worse. Their work is not much in the physical because they know that if they can have advantage in the spiritual, somehow they will win in the physical. This is an important reason for the prayer walk. The advent of prayer walk in the end SARS struggle should also tell you that this whole thing is not ordinary.

The prayer walk is also very prophetic. It’s like expanding the coverage of the spiritual activity of the spirit of God currently going on in the country. Also, by it we are spiritually claiming the land. Remember, everywhere the sole of your feet gets to, the Lord will give unto you (Joshua 1:3). I will even advice that we have more prayer walks in every nooks and crannies of the nation.

To be continued…