End SARS Protest: The Dawn Of A New Nigeria Or New Countries

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The last one week has been exceptionally great in Nigeria as a country. For the first time after a long while, the youths in all the country are agreeing to one thing and standing by it. They have also gotten few elders to support the end SARS campaign. I am certain the campaign took government by surprise especially the way it is going now.

I feel government has not been responding to this appropriately maybe because they think it’s like previous talks. What I saw in Ibadan shows it’s not like previous talks. Youths will not back down until all expectations are met. The evidence is visible in pictures and videos taken nationwide. Government needs to act appropriately if they still need the country Nigeria to work.

In my honest opinion, this is the beginning of revolution in Nigeria. Even though lots of people don’t want to agree. The revolution has started and if care is not taken it will soon begin to turn bloody. This is why government must act and act fast in the right direction. Don’t try to fool people and avoid the real issues. Real leaders face the challenge and solve the problem.

The Big Question About End SARS

The question really borders on whether a new country will emerge or new countries. In my own opinion the later is better. Let’s everyone go and manage their resources and bring up policies to help her people. And if we are looking at restructuring the country, there is no better time than now. I recommend we restructure all. Not just police or SARS but everything that touches life.

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It’s Not Just About End SARS

The end SARS campaign has gone beyond police brutality and people inhumane treatment by SARS. It has carried with it the anger of failed of government. It is showing how tired we all are in the phase of failed economy and infrastructures. Nigerians want a positive and meaningful change that will transform the lives of all citizens. We want to see a Nigeria portrayed by our anthems.

Now, it’s about ending bad governance and corruption. I hope it doesn’t get to end Nigeria as a country. If it won’t happen that way, government needs to act now. I am particularly glad that this campaign has no leader but it’s all coordinated and focus. In the best interest of everyone, government needs to act appropriately and in the right direction. We all have reached the bus stop where we can no longer go on suffering and smiling. We desire and deserve a better life.

Our Heroes That Paved The Way

Last night, I was moved to tears as we enlist people who have been killed by police brutality into hall of fame of Nigerian heroes. Their blood really and truly matters. They are our heroes and we won’t forget them. They paved way for this revolution. The year 2020 and this month in particular will forever be in our hearts of hearts.

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