Don’t Waste The Pain

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Pain is something no one wants in life. Irrespective of how small or great the pain is, no one wants pain. Pain, as it is, is not all negative or bad. Pain has its own good side. So, don’t waste the pain. Just as we can all see through the negative side of pain, we can as well see through it positively. The ball is in your court, you will need to choose.

Where The Road Of Pain Leads

The road of pain has the capacity of landing you in either a progressive or regressive terrain. That will be determined by you. Many people have gone through certain pains in their life and they never came out while some other people emerge stronger after going through the pain. Wherever the road of pain will lead you can only be determined by yourself.

God Knows About The Pain

Well, you must know that there’s nothing that will happen to you that is unknown to God. Remember that Jesus was in the boat with the disciples while they went through a storm. Jesus was with them in the face of peril. So, it doesn’t matter the level of the pain, God is aware and He is with you. Nothing is hidden before God.

Don’t Waste The Pain: God Has An Intention

You must come to a point where you can see things the way God sees them. So, the pain may not be a pain but a tool to carry out intent. Remember, the storm experience was to teach the disciples a number of lessons and the major one hangs on increasing their faith. Romans 8:28 already makes it clear that all things (good and bad) work together for our good.

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Don’t Waste The Pain

Since God works with all things as seen in Romans 8:28, it means that even pain is a tool and should not be wasted. So, you need to be that person that will come out of pain stronger. Anything other than that means you have wasted the pain. So, next time, you go through pain, be calm enough to find out what God is trying to achieve with it.

It is to be noted that two people may go through the same kind of pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that God wants to achieve the same thing with both of them. So, our paths are unique. Don’t give yourself a template based on another person’s life. We all are running individual races tailored after the purpose God intends to achieve with us individually.

Short Prayer

Lord, let not the inconvenience of pain blinds me from seeing your purpose.

May I never waste my pains anymore in Jesus’ name.

Lord, help me to become who you want me to be.

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