Disconnecting From God

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As at the time I started out in the kingdom of Jesus Christ, there were a number of prophets around me. So I started hearing “thou said the Lord” very early. The implication of this was that I had a number of thoughts. One of them was that I was disconnected from God maybe that’s I wasn’t hearing Him. Now I know better but have you ever thought of the phrase “disconnecting from God”?

We are all know that we need to stay connected to God to maximize our relationship with Him. In fact, there is no relationship without staying connected to Him. In John 15:5, Jesus makes it clear that we can’t do anything without Him. Colossians 2:10 also adds to our knowledge that we are complete in Jesus Christ. This means if we will ever be complete and be capable of greatness in life, we must stay connected to Him. Disconnecting from God is quite dangerous.

As elementary as this may sound in the kingdom, it’s quite worrisome that a lot of people in the kingdom live a disconnected life. Oh, you don’t agree with me it’s an elementary knowledge in the body of Christ? Even if you disagree with me, the position the scripture is clear. There are several Christians living a life that’s disconnected from God. While this may explain the current situation in the body of Christ, it remains a great concern.

Christians Disconnecting From God

Truthfully, there is no one that is disconnected from God that is not aware of his/her situation. At least, that is obtainable in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The basic sign of disconnection is when you lost your peace or you fill there is a void to be filled. Lots of people are not even borederd by disconnecting from God. We saw an example in Mark 10:17-21, a man who was fulfilling all the laws but yet knew something is missing. That something that is missing is the signal that there’s a disconnection.

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If you are like that man in the book of Mark, you think you have done all but something is still missing, here is a word for you. Jesus is knocking to fill the void for you. Just like that man, his money and material possessions couldn’t have filled the void and yet it was the source of disconnection between him and Jesus. So Jesus gave a very clear instruction to sell all, give to the poor and then follow Him. What Jesus did for him was to help him identify the cause.

The Source Of Disconnection

What is causing the disconnection between you and Jesus? If you find it difficult to identify the cause of the disconnection, it’s best to run to Jesus. That’s what the man did. If you do that sincerely, He will speak to you. Can you have a moment of sincere prayer to find out all that has been causing the disconnection between you and Jesus. If you do it wholeheartedly, I guarantee that He will speak to you.

Join me next week for the concluding part of this piece. I will love to hear from you. What do you think is causing disconnection between people and God in our world today? Let’s hear you, you maybe helping someone to discover the issue. Please share with friends and loved ones as well. Shalom!

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  • More grace to function in Jesus name. Let’s all arise and pray that Holy Ghost fire should consume the spirit of ungodliness ravaging the Churches of God today, killing the fire of revival. Because this is the major problem the Church of God is having today, but still thinking we are connected to God.