My Thoughts On Decision Making

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Decision making is part of life. It is an art of choosing from a number of options. This may be on what to say, do or overlook. It is a path to what we want to do or achieve. As long as you are aspiring to do or say something in life, decisions has to be made and not just a few, millions of them. So we live a life of decisions, that’s why God put the brain there to work all round.

Decision Making Is Essential

It is funny to note that you can’t live without making decisions. Those who say they don’t want to make a decision have forgotten that not making a decision is also a decision. This is true because, you must have considered a number of things before finalizing to be missing in action at decision table. That’s exactly what taking decision is all about. Putting several factors into consideration to arrive at a point.

An average human being will make tons of them on a daily basis. From the moment you wake up in the morning till evening time, its all about decisions. This has become an important subject because we are all products of our previous decisions. You didn’t just get to where you are today, its a cumulative effect of previous decisions. So, if you intend to be better going forward, you will need to make better decisions.

Making better decisions is not something that just happens. It is an art, you can imbibe or learn it. Truth be told, the formal education silently teaches this with the aid of some courses which expand our thinking capabilities. This is enable us view issues in a comprehensive way. This is important especially when dealing with complicated issues.

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Thinking Is Important

Thinking is an essential part of decision making process. As a matter of fact, you can’t make quality decision without quality thinking. Why do you think top employees are paid much when they are not the ones doing the job on the ground floor? They have sleepless nights thinking on how things must be carried out before it ever gets to the employees on the floor. So people who say they can’t think should contiImportanteir mediocre level.

It is important to note that sometimes, you won’t have the luxury of time to think through all the factors surrounding a particular decision but you must be able to quickly scan through the most important ones in your mind and arrive at a decision. This is where quality and effective thinking comes in. You must learn to improve your thinking skills. This is quite important and should not be taking with hands of levity.

How To Think Through

A decision is just the end point of series of thoughts on a particular matter. It is pertinent to note that one might have exceptional thinking skill and still end up making a bad decision. Surprised? This is possible if he thinks through wrong factors. If you must make the right decision, you must think through the right factors. 

What we mean right factors simply explains all that concern the decision to be made. This include things that can mar such decision if not considered when making the decision. For instance, if you want to get gift for a friend and you don’t know what to buy. That’s a decision you want to make. The factors may include how close you are, what the person likes, what the person may appreciate as gift, your purse, the gender, what you like to buy, stores to buy from etc. 

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After identifying the factors, the next thing is to check out for the important factors. These are the ones on which your decision will be based. From our example above, the important factors maybe your purse, what the person will appreciate as gift, the gender and how close you are to the friend. With these factors, you can easily arrive a gift that will be appreciated.

Note that even if you are making the same decision sometimes later it doesn’t mean you will just pick these important factors here and use them. That maybe a fatal error because each decision is unique. This is because people are not the same. Even if it’s the same set of people, the change in time may have changed a whole lots of things.

Thanks for your time. I hope this piece blesses you. If it does, please share with your contacts and leave a comment in the comments section below. God bless you real good.

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