Deceptions In Nigerian Workplace Employment

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The world is full of people deceiving other fellows. As they deceive, they are being deceived. We live in times of heavy and heartbreaking deception. You almost cannot trust anyone in this part of the world. Lots of people are being reduced to close to nothing on a daily basis courtesy of deception.

In this new series of articles, I intend to discuss some of the deceptions in Nigerian workplace employment. I have seen a number of deceptions played out in organizations. I have worked and still working with a number of them. So, I have a few things to share especially with those coming on board and those desiring to jump to new places.

There are tonnes of deceptions going on in an average Nigerian workplace. Employers are deceiving employees and employees are taking turns too. The workplace has become selfish. Things are wrong, people know that they are wrong but they put a blind spot on it like it doesn’t matter. Of course, they know it does. It’s all a game of selfish interests.

The Advertised Role

This is usually the beginning of the deception with any employee. There are some organizations that have different job descriptions from what they advertised. As a matter of fact, you will go through the recruitment phases only to get the job and resume to a different job role entirely. Lots of people have lost great jobs due to this, thinking they have found a better opportunity.

A few weeks ago, I saw a job advert and I was interested. I decided to check the full details. Upon seeing the name of the organization, I became curious. I saw their advert to fill this same position two months ago. So I researched the company. It was then I realized that they normally lie to job seekers. They will give them a different job description and upon resumption after two weeks, they will give them an unrealistic target that was not part of the discussion. They will tell them if they don’t meet the target, no pay. This is to avoid paying them a salary.

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The problem of changing terms of employment shortly after employment is not a new thing in this country. One of my close relatives had such an experience with one of the well-known banks in Nigeria. It was a different negotiation used to wooed her into the contract but things began to change a few weeks into the employment. I remember having such an experience with one School proprietor a few years back. He wanted to forcefully change the term of employment that would make me do more than we agreed without a review on the remuneration.

Job seekers should endeavor to research the people or company they want to work with it. Deceptions are high in the air. These deceivers turned employers are capitalizing on the unemployment rate. This is why they will often bring up their deceptive moves at a time they know it might be impossible for you to say no. Don’t just jump to offers because you think they are okay. Some people have missed real opportunities because they thought the one they chose is better. We shall continue this piece on deception in employment next week.

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