The Value Of Customer Management In Ecommerce

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As eCommerce continues to gain strength, it is deeply influencing the world view on buying and selling even in underdeveloped countries. While many factors determine the future of eCommerce itself, there is one person who will determine if it will ever get to that future. That one person is called a customer.

Apart from the slogan that customers are always right used by all and sundry to depict the power of the customer. The customer can indeed sack everyone in the eCommerce business if they refuse to patronize the eCommerce platforms. If this will not be the reality of the eCommerce platforms, then strong customer management must be put in place.

What then can we call customer management? Well, a simple way to describe this will be a process and all that is put in place to effectively manage the relationship between an organization, its staff, and customer. Confused? I thought as much. You are asking why her staff is included in the definition. The truth is, every organization has two types of customers which include internal and external customers. The staff falls under the internal customer.

If the internal customers are not well equipped, made happy, and well informed, they can never make the external customers happy. That means such business can’t grow. This is because customer satisfaction is what determines if the customer will be retained or not. If they are not retained, there will be no repeat business and they will never recommend your business to other people.

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So, the value of customer management in eCommerce can be seen in the quality employee satisfaction and customer life cycle drawn by the organization. It is essentially expressed in how much the company is ready to invest in customer-centric programs and engagement. First, it begins with giving at least a satisfactory experience at every customer touchpoint. This means every customer interfacing staff must be well trained to perform their job professionally and efficiently.

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