Christmas Beyond The Rice And Chicken

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It’s Christmas and there is a lot of excitement in town and on faces all over the world. Christmas is celebrated by both Christians and unbelievers. That is visible in the designs, greetings, and gifts flying all around accompanied with travels especially to home towns and villages. It is all in the flow of Christmas. I hope people see this Christmas beyond the rice and chicken.

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, it appears that the celebration is overwhelming the meaning of the celebration. People do not see Christmas beyond rice and chicken and that’s a concern for me. To many, it’s just another celebration, maybe for the end of the year. Many times I want to ask if people are celebrating Jesus Christ during Christmas because I have seen people do unspeakable things all in the name of celebration.

A few years back, I was in a city and saw people who were supposed to be celebrating Christmas than in masquerade attire carrying different sophisticated demonic things about in the name of Christmas celebration. I wondered if they knew Jesus Christ at all. As far as I know, they weren’t celebrating Jesus Christ of the Bible. It can’t be the Jesus that met Saul and changed him to an apostle. For them, it was fun and sacrifice to another god.

Today, people still do unspeakable things but in different dimensions. How do you explain a Christmas celebration without the knowledge of Him that was born? Many people will attend Christmas service in churches yet they have never met Jesus let alone knowing Him. Many of them are workers in Churches, publicly declared as Christians but are not inwardly and genuinely born again. If you are part of these people, whatever celebration you embark on during this Christmas is a waste.

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The birth of Jesus is not just an event that happened so we can eat rice and chicken. No, God meant business when He created an escape route for man in Genesis 3:15 which led to the birth of Jesus Christ. God sent different prophets to tell the world about the birth of Jesus Christ centuries before He was born. That wasn’t a mistake, it was well planned for. If God meant business with this, you should mean business too as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Eating rice and chicken is great, don’t get me wrong. I hope I get to eat it too but that’s not why Jesus Christ was born. Take a moment to read John 3:16 again, it was based on love that God was to draw you back to Him. If all you celebrate during Christmas is just the festive season, I am sorry to disappoint you, you are the most miserable of all men on earth. The celebration is more than than that! It’s about the life of God we lost in Eden that Jesus Christ brought back to us. The celebration should be that you have found that life by grace. Anything short of this is a waste.

The Christmas rice and chicken are not just because it’s the end of the year. It’s deeper than that. Think about what it means to God. It was God who announced to the shepherds after Jesus was born, a king wanted to kill Him but God handled him, etc. Think about the thousands of children that died because God was protecting Jesus as a baby and you think it’s all about the rice? Take a moment to reminisce over this. Jesus is more than the rice and the chicken.

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Friend, Jesus didn’t come in vain. He came for you and me. If you have not met Him and accepted Him as your personal Lord and Savior, any Christmas celebration you do is just a waste of all the resources you put into it including yourself. Why waste yourself when you can have a brand you. The you that God had in mind when He created you. You feel there is more to you because there is more to you. The real you is in Christ Jesus.

It can only be unveiled to you when you come to Him. Lay everything before Him. Lay your past, your present, and your future before Him. Take words with you to Him, ask for forgiveness for your sins. Acknowledge that you have sinned and repent never to go back before Him. Ask Him to come into your life and register your commitment unto Him. If you have prayed accordingly as stated above, find a Bible-believing church near you. God bless you real good.