A Man Like King Solomon

We all know who Solomon was and is. Of course, he became king of God’s people after his father David. Right now, he is the wisest king that ever lived. God already said no one will match up to that record. He received a blessing no other person can attain. […]

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A Frustrated Life

A frustrated life is not a kind of life anyone plans or intend to live. It appears a lot of people are living it already as a result consequences of their actions or inactions. What if you know exactly the things that may land you one and avoid them. Your […]

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The New Rules

Dear esteemed reader,It’s a great pleasure to have you onboard once again. Although its been a while we appreciate your love and for checking back. For everyone who sent an email when our site was down, we say thank you. It’s been a while I had wanted to share my […]

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Set Yourself On Fire

Set yourself on fire and the whole world will watch you burn John Wesley When I came across this quote above, it consumed the whole of me. It appears to me that the quote itself carries fire. Maybe the words are burning with fire. I have been thinking about this. […]

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Promise Of A Second Chance

I bring you warm greetings from my heart. I can’t but appreciate you for checking on this page either to follow up or as a new reader. Thanks for reading through. In the same vein, I will like to welcome you to this piece titled “Promise of a second Chance”. […]

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The Greatest Discovery Ever

Making a discovery is one of the things you can do to gain affluence and influence. Lots of Scientists have made wonderful discoveries that placed them in a celebrated list of icons. Of all discoveries you can ever make in life, there is one that will give you all you […]

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Put Them Where They Belong

Once again, I will like to appreciate you for checking on the webpage for new pieces. I really appreciate your time and for those who always send in emails or comment after reading, thanks a lot. If this is your first time reading this page, you are welcome. You probably […]

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Still On Self-Assessment

Top of the day to you from wherever you are reading this from around the world. First, I will like to appreciate those who make it an obligation to follow this page. I cannot but appreciate everyone who has ever commented on the posts on this page. And those that […]

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How Far Have You Gone?

This is a question I have being trying to ask myself for about two weeks. How far have you gone? And I guess it will be beneficial if you do the same. Perhaps, by answering this question you will be able see yourself clearly. Please take your time to read […]

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