Silent Marriage Truths

Thanks for checking in on this page to follow our articles. I have received a few chats on the last piece. I am glad people wants to know the truth. It tells me that people are interested in having a great home and singles are getting prepared. Still on the […]

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Hard Truths About Marriage

In the last two weeks, we have been looking at the tips for wives. Its been both great and wonderful. I have received several words from people. Its been encouraging though. Thank you all for the words. The utmost reason for putting them up is that those who read might […]

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Wives, Be Wise

For the past few days, we have been discussing ways in which wives can enjoy both their marriage and husband. I do hope you have picked one or two things from the series. If you have not seen the previous series, please go here to check them out. Ensure you […]

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Wives, Feed Your Husband (2)

Wives, thanks for checking these tips on how to feed your husbands. I want to strongly advice that you do not only read these tips. Please practice than to get the desired results. While these write ups are not dos and don’ts of marriage, they are fundamental help for any […]

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Wives, Feed Your Husband (1)

I want to appreciate everyone who has been following this blog. Those who have been commenting and sharing with loved ones, a huge thanks to you. I can not but appreciate those who have been sending in chats and emails, I really appreciate your interest and time spent on the […]

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Wives, Feed Your Husband

There has been so much about about side chick these days. Some many homes are broken because of side chick and tons are in the process already of falling apart. The question many are not asking is, why the advent of side chick in the first place? Every situation is […]

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