As The World Reopens

As the world prepares to resume her normal activities, I feel the need to share a few things. I believe these things if well incorporated into your way of life will surely help you to achieve more and become a better person. Interestingly, they are not new things. A reminder […]

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Don’t Waste The Pain

Pain is something no one wants in life. Irrespective of how small or great the pain is, no one wants pain. Pain as it is, is not all negative or bad. Pain has its own good side. Just as we can all see through the negative side of pain, we […]

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Resources For Work From Home

It’s no longer news that some of us have been forced to work from home. I remember telling one of my colleagues that this may take a while and if you check it’s two months already and still counting. That means working from home is worth knowing about since we […]

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Is Your Mind On Lockdown?

Well, it’s no news that a lot of cities and countries around the world are lockdown. There has been no movement at all or partial movement as the case maybe. Every workaholic is forced to take rest indefinitely. The lazy ones are made to engage in worrisome rest from work. […]

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In A Time Like This

Let me begin by saying happy Sunday. Trust you had a great time in God’s presence via the online service you joined. For me, it was great. I even had the opportunity to join two online services, the third didn’t work out. It was all great put together. The Season […]

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