Lazy And Uninspired

Two years ago, I came across a picture a sentence and an image of a tired white collar job holder. Its not the image that caught my attention, it’s the sentence that came with it. It blew my mind, got me thinking and it has never left me. Today, I […]

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Tips For Working From Home

I guess it’s appropriate to say hello. I hope you are staying safe. From wherever you are reading this piece, please stay safe. If you haven’t being taking precautions against the pandemic virus, now is the time to start. Go here to read about how to protect yourself. In response […]

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The Job Seeker Watchlist

As we round up the first part of year 2019, I have few words for the job seeker. If you have been looking for job right from the beginning of the year or in the last four months, this piece is for you. Whether you are passively or actively looking […]

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The Job Seeker

I am pleased to inform you that we shall be looking at job search and how to successfully land a job. This will be in series, so expect to a number of pieces to equip you for a successful job search. Endeavor to follow through and share with friends seeking […]

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