Busy But Battered

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The year will be closing in few days to come. One of the things to check is what you have been doing so far. It is true the year has been terrifying with the pandemic but that’s not the focus. The focus and the question is about what you have been doing. What are you busy doing? Have you been busy but battered?

Busy but battered

One truth that can’t be discarded is the fact that whatever you spend your time doing is where your treasure lies and it has the capacity to determine what your life will eventually be or look like. As a matter of fact, it is one of the reasons you are where you are today. Like many, I hope you are not busy but battered with activities.

I don’t disregard the fact that you have been busy this year. I have been busy too. People who are close to me know how difficult it is to squeeze out time for lots of events. It is most likely true for you too. We are all busy, I mean very busy. When I told a friend that my weekends are more loaded than my weekdays, he was shocked. That’s the simple truth.

Busy Doing What Exactly?

This is the question I asked myself few days ago. I believe you should be asking the same question by now. We all need to check ourselves and prepare a progress report for our lives. What exactly is taking your time. This is because you are not likely to be better than what the activities you engage in produces.

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After a careful analysis of all my activities this year, I discovered that there are certain things I do that are justifiable before God and man that will help me for the moment but likely to destroy the future God has for me. This was revealed because I checked and I analyzed the long term effects. What if I don’t check. This is why I advice you do your check as well.

Make Amendment For The Future

The important reason for this piece is to secure an understanding to make amends where necessary. If you have been busy without results then you were busy but battered with activities. Your been busy should produce results, I mean good results. That’s what tell whether or not the activities taking your time actually worth it.

Think about all your activities in this year and cut off those taking you farther from your dreams, those that look like they’re adding to you but in actual sense they aren’t and those blocking you from doing much with your dreams. Don’t be busy but battered in the coming year. That’s why I have been sent to warn you ahead. Be warned!