Borrow Some Spiritual Sense

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As I lay in bed sick and tired. The Lord placed something in my mind. I haven’t thought towards that direction and as I meditate on it, it became an eye-opener that wisdom is profitable to direct. So, in all, they try as much as possible to get wisdom and understanding. This is for the married folks. With this, borrow some sense.

Borrow Some Spiritual Sense

It somehow dawns on me that if many widows and widowers were prayerful as much as they were after the death of their partners, they may have averted the death of their partners. They never saw reasons to pray for their homes or husbands. Even in times of lack in the home, all they do is complain and do unspeakable things to their partners.

Married Without Spiritual Commitment

If you are married and you don’t have time you are praying for your home and partner, you are not doing yourself any good. Whether or not you pray together is not the issue now but your personal labour is what we are discussing now. That is not to mean that your prayer together is not worth it. You must have a personal spiritual investment in your home and partner’s life.

We have seen people who can not pray for 30 minutes when their husbands were alive turning into prayer warriors after the death of their husbands. Why wait till you lost your partner and allow the responsibilities to push you to be strong. Instead, be strong enough to wave away the bad things when they come. Waiting to be hit by bad situations before you decide to be strong is not wise.

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Learn From Others Now

Go and ask widows especially for their experience. Let them share their experience of how they were lackadaisical to spiritual matters when their husbands were alive and how they eventually turn to prayer warriors in the face of challenges that accompanied the death of their husbands. Although they became better spiritually, it’s all birth in regrets. Now that your spouse is still alive, you have the chance to decide which path you want to follow.

Many of them would have gotten the capacity to stop the evil that took away their husbands if only they were prayerful as they are now. Borrow some spiritual sense now and be wise. Be actively involved in the spiritual aural of your family and in your partner’s life. Don’t wait till things go bad before you begin to get serious with your spiritual life and for your home. Read other related piece here