Bible Teacher Academy

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Our Lord and master said the harvest is much but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37). This statement remains true to this day. When you see people doing sorts of bad things and evil, it is a signal that we are yet to spread the gospel to them in the right way if they have ever heard of it. So, the harvest is still very much large, especially in the current time when abnormal is fast becoming the norm.

Today, we have lots of evangelists doing their work adequately (though we still need more on the field), but we don’t have enough teachers of the word who can rightly divide the word of truth. The menace we have experienced in the last 20 years as a body is because of falsehood that has grown wings in Christianity. True teachers of the word need to arise and flood our society with the truth.

Teachers with the right and sound Biblical teaching who can balance the Scriptures and establish doctrines according to the dictate of the Bible. If this looks like your calling, then this training is for you. The truth must be circulated and every Teacher must arise to their call now. Please click on the icon below to fill out the form.