Becoming Great In Life

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Becoming great in life is never an easy task. It is usually shrouded with lots of doubts, fear and contempt. Ask any man that you found to achieve anything great. They will tell you it wasn’t easy navigating through the steps that made them great. The times and seasons will not always fall in place for you to enjoy.

First, you must understand that, it is absolutely okay to feel the doubts, fear and contempt. What is not okay is giving in to these killers of greatness seeds. Don’t ever give in to the thoughts. Don’t allow anyone make you give in either. Greatness belongs to those who can dare doubts, fear and contempt to achieve their dreams.

You Need More Than Your Feeling

Everyone that became great worked past their feelings. You will feel like going back a lot of times. That’s because greatness is not achieved on bed of roses. It requires hard work, diligence, discipline etc. All these will fall out of your feelings at one point or the other. So, you will need to force yourself to keep the eye on the goal and keep pressing on. You wont always feel great about pursuing your dream especially when the results are not coming as anticipated.

While lecturing in a Theological School, I told the students that as much as I love to teach, there are days I didn’t feel like getting up from my bed to go to class. I found out I wasn’t alone when I listened to T.D Jakes recently. He explained that every hero had a time they feel like quitting. He added that there are days he felt like that too but he knows he’s got to make success. The truth is that they became great because they didn’t quit when they felt like. So you need to be strong when those moments come. Fight it and get on. Becoming great in life calls for perseverance.

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Don’t Quit

There will always be reasons to quit when trying to achieve anything. People, environment, processes even your feeling will give you lots of reasons to quit. Please remember that quitters never win. Sometimes if you know how close you are to achieving your goals, you won’t even give quitting a thought. Don’t quit your dreams. It’s okay to go slowly but never quit. It’s okay if you haven’t done much but never quit. Stand till you get your gold medal.

To your success!

Getting Started With Greatness