Battered But Better

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Thank you for checking back on this page. I really appreciate. In the last piece, we discussed bad but well built and we saw how Rahab the harlot came into greatness. It is my prayer that we all arise to become the greatness that God ordained. Today, we shall be discussing battered but better. May these words heal and reposition every deprived, dejected and rejected heart for repositioning into greatness in Jesus name.

In one of the synoptic gospels written by Dr. Luke chapter 23 verses 39 down to 43, we read about the thieves that were nailed to the cross with Jesus Christ. Their case is similar to that Rahab but different. They were been punished for their wrongs according to the dictates of the law of the land. So they are aware of their ending right from the beginning of the punishment. Pain and death was their rightful portion in the eyes of the law.

There is someone out there who has been living with the heavy guilt of their wrongs. Some are even aware that karma has come to locate to them. It is true that the law has brought you pain and maybe death for your wrongs. Your conscience is killing you gradually and silently. You have come to that point the thieves got to that afternoon on the cross. Where will you go from here? It’s true that you have been battered but I have been sent to tell you that a better you is emerging.

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Battered But Be Wise

Two thieves have been battered on the cross waiting for death. One was wise enough to recognize that mercy was standing between them. The other wanted to justify his wrong. He must have thought that even the righteous one will die with us regardless. So he made a mockery of Jesus. Don’t try to justify your wrongs to comfort your emotions. God has your deliverance in place. It’s not about being justified with for the wrongs you did, it’s about the deliverance God has for you.

The other thief did two things. He accepted that he was wrong and the punishment was right according to the dictates of the law. He didn’t debate it or justify the himself. The second thing was that he recognized Jesus as the son of God and that He is capable of saving him. That was wisdom. Interestingly, with Jesus came grace, a better version of the law. I perceived he must have been watching the turn out of events with the conclusion that Jesus must be true. This man was so sure that he cautioned the other thief. He didn’t focused on his pain, he focused on the way to his deliverance.

When you go through situations and pains whether it came as a result of your wrongs or not, do you see beyond the pains? The man was not blinded by the pains and series of comments people passed. God is right there with you in the midst of the pain. What you focused on is what really matters. What you are seeing more will eventually determine how you end. The other guy wanted to die justified but the wise thieves wanted to die with Jesus regardless of what brought him to the cross.

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He didn’t know that being justified with himself doesn’t justify him before God. The only path to be justified before God is to go with Jesus. The wise thief got it right and walked in it accordingly. So, don’t try to justify your wrongs to make you feel justified. That feeling is only for you and has no eternal value. Follow after Jesus for your deliverance by acknowledging your wrongs and the fact He alone can make you right.

Each of us came to the cross by different reasons but we all came by our wrongs. Romans 3:23 says everyone of us sinned and fall short of God’s glory. Through Adam we inherited the sinful nature and became God’s enemy. So we were all born as enemies to God and we continued with our life in the same pattern. So Adam lost the life of God and gave us his life. Jesus Christ brought the life of God back to humanity. The life of God Jesus Christ brought was dispensed to humanity by the cross. That’s why we all must go through the cross.

The crux of the matter now is whether you have been to the cross wholeheartedly acknowledging your wrongs. What matters is what you will do with the cross. Are you at the cross to be justified? You will stay in pains for long and if you don’t repent, you will eventually pass on like that thief. As long as you hold on to the justification of your wrongs, there’s no deliverance for you. God in His infinite mercy is stretching forth another compassion to you today.

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It is true that you were battered but better with Jesus Christ. He has lots in stock for you. If you will come to the cross today to meet Jesus Christ and acknowledge your wrongs and the fact He alone can right your wrongs for you. He will give you a new life. A life that will be full of glory and exploits. He has always done that, yours is next in line. But you must lay everything at His feet and surrender to Him. Receive Him as your personal Lord and Saviour wholeheartedly now and come into new life.

If you have done that, I welcome you to the family of God. Look for a Bible believing church near you and fellowship with them. You may wish to contact me, please send me an email God bless you real good.

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