Bad But Well Built

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The world is full of people with diverse qualities and representations. We often discredit people because of their bad qualities. The truth is; many are bad but we’ll built. You judge because you think you are better but in actual fact they maybe better off if they have half the opportunity you enjoyed that made you all you are.

In Joshua 2, the story is told of an harlot. How she made a wise choice. We all know the story of how Joshua had sent spies to their land. She took them in and made a bargain because she already did an analysis of the situation. She knew they can’t win against God. So, she found a way to align to align herself and all her family into God’s plan.

Bad But Well Built For Survival And Purpose

She was bad but well built for survival and purpose. How do I know? Joshua 2:10-11 shows that she got information and worked with. You as an individual, do you know how many information you have accessed that you never used. Be reminded that she said “we” meaning even the self righteous people got the same information but what did they do with it? It’s not always about how much information you acquire, it’s always about what you do with it.

In Joshua 2:12, based on the available intelligence and her analysis, she negotiated her way to life and purpose. The self righteous people were all consumed with fear. They are running with anxiety but here is the rejected and dejected absolutely sure of the future for her and her household. What if she had a better opportunity, think about who she would have been and the great things she could have done. She negotiated her way into the hall of fame of the faithful (Hebrews 11:31, James 2:25)

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The self righteous people didn’t see the situation that they will be fighting with God and no human has ever won God. It was an harlot that saw that. So harlot saw what a whole nation could not see. Even the priests of the land didn’t see all these. That means Rehab was bad but well built with wisdom and foresight. It means she would be better off if she had opportunity. I am quite sure there will be lots of people who will never thought of wisdom as far as Rahab was concerned.

My esteemed reader, God has sent me to tell you that you are not that bad. The world around you may condemn you but certainly not God. You have great treasures within. Only the great minds can see it. Just as Rahab emerged from death because of the treasures within. You are emerging into a new glorious destiny. I am sure her family members must have written her off but God placed their lives in her hand.

Even if you have condemned yourself, the one who created you has sent me to tell you that you maybe bad but well built for greatness. The seed of greatness in you didn’t die, it only became stronger for manifestation and here is your season. Now is your time. Arise and possess God’s divine plan for your life. You are the only one that can stop you. If Rahab didn’t stop herself, why should you? Arise, it’s your time.

To your success!