Apostle Paul’s Definition Of Love

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We started talking about what Apostle Paul calls love in our last piece. I do hope you have picked one or two things there. If you haven’t read that, please do it before you go on with this piece. This is the continuation of the last piece. Today, we shall continue on Apostle Paul’s definition of love.

Apostle Paul define Love

We shall begin from verse 4 of the same chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. From verses 4 to 7, the great Apostle spoke about the workings of love. He started by showing us that love is more than what we see on the surface in verses 1 to 3. He proceeded by showing the modules Operandi of love in verses 4 to 7.

If you take a look at these modules Operandi, you will discover they are the things people are running from today. It’s all because there is no love in the world anymore. Even amidst those who call themselves lovers. We have dumped love for selfishness and we expect things to be alright. No, never! Love is one of the principal elements in creation. God did that by first making us in His image and when He brought the first woman, it was a show of love. A show of to man because He gave him a helpmeet and to the woman because she was a creature love.

Imagine when you fell in love and you did something wrong. In the eyes of love, it wasn’t about the wrong, it was about the fact that you had a great partner. A man in love can travel a long distance just to behold the beauty and presence of the loved one and it will seem a few meters walk. This is because there is strength in the love that enables you to do what a normal man will never do. That’s how those modules in verses 4 to 7 play out. Yet, the person is not aware he is suffering, delayed, or pained. It’s the power that love crafts in people that is at work.

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When we are called to love, we are not called to live a normal life known to man. That life known to man is a life of me. It started after the fall but the life of love is a life of sacrifice. Sacrifice is the meter that shows the love gauge. It is the only true language of love I know. It is the summary of verses 4 to 7. True sacrifice doesn’t come with profit in view as some people do. That’s not loving but a mere transaction. So, how much sacrifice do you think you put it in. Don’t say it, live it.

The ice breaker is in verse 8. He mentioned three things that control so much power. He added that these three will fail but only love will stand. Oh my! He spoke about prophecy. Jesus! The prophecy that people are running far and wide to hear. That’s true though, your success doesn’t rest on prophecy alone, there are five pillars between prophecy and fulfillment. Read more here.

Even tongues, the instrument of mysteries. It will cease as long as it is done in this human body. And knowledge, he said, will fail. Well, that happens many times. But love will never fail. The great Apostle is saying something silently here, he is saying love wins all battles at all times. The truth is, the call to love is a call to transformation because a normal man is love deficient in giving and receiving. Will you be willing to accept that transformation today?

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It was in verse 10, the great Apostle defines the love he is talking about. The real love he is talking about is the first perfect man God saw and that is why he referred to Him as perfection. He is the pattern son because He is the first perfect picture of man God intended. His name is Jesus. Paul says when He comes, the perfect will resurrect in you. The problem is that you don’t have him that’s why you don’t have a revelation of love.

In His diary, love was the nails that held him to the cross at Calvary just to give you and I perfection. He went through disdain treatment to secure perfection for us. There are many things in perfection, one of such is the ability to love and show affection without a second thought on whether or not the person deserves it. That’s how He loves us. Imagine how He felt bringing perfection to a people through a means the same people were crucified Him. That was love at its peak.

Today, Jesus stretches a hand of that same love to you through this piece. God is love (1 John 4:16) and that’s why He gave His only son to redeem the world (John 3:16). Today, Jesus longs to receive you to Himself and give you a new life. Life capable of loving and giving love. Can you take a moment of prayer to surrender yourself to Jesus for a new and fresh start of His love. That’s all you need now. His love can change the unchangeable things in your life. Stay blessed!

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