Any Idea What Love Is?

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Yesterday was Valentine’s day. Yea, I know you know that. You probably went everywhere in the mood of the celebration. I saw both the old and young in white and red outfit to mark this year’s lovers day. Religious bodies were not out of the show as well. Their usual services were blended with a touch love celebration. It was all on the idea on what love is.

So, we had service unusual to commemorate the lover’s day. Of course, the fact that it falls on a Sunday makes the Sunday service love impacting. During the service, a question was asked that caught my attention. What is love? Before you jump to answer the question. Think deeply if you really know or understand what love is.

About 11 years ago, I was writing a piece on love for my love radio program. Then I discovered it was one of the most talked about topic that people know nothing about. If you have ever get to ask people what love is, you will discover many call love, claim to love, claim to express love etc but in actual fact, they don’t know what love is.

So, what’s your own definition of love or what do you think love is? I believe you have an answer to the question. Apart from the fact we in the month synonymous with love because of Valentine’s day, you should own your own working definition of love. If you have never thought about it, it may mean you are not loving enough. It shows you are not intentional about loving people.

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Whether the definition is right or wrong is another thing. Oh yes, in this matter there are right and wrong answer. I don’t mean to sound like I know it all but you will agree with there are several things people call love that you won’t agree with. So there are right and wrong answers.

Take for instance, some people believe that love is when they give. The problem is that they expect something in return. That’s not love. That’s a transaction. Anyone who holds that view of love can’t help humanity. The very essence of love is to transform humanity into a city of our dreams. So, you see why there are right and wrong answers to the question.

Unfortunately, there are too many people with wrong answers to the what love is. That’s why our world is suffering because there is no love. Every act of love people put on the table is business transaction in disguise. It’s everywhere, in families, communities, cities, nations etc. When we get what love is right, then we can begin to integrate in culture, workplaces, etc.

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