Antidote For Times Like This

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In the last three weeks, I have been somewhat bordered about the happenings and people’s responses to this time and season. It appears we are living in dangerous times and most people are not aware. I have been thinking about what an antidote for times like this will be and I have one now.

Realities In Times Like This

Many have been complaining about the harsh economic realities, work stress, family issues, health issues, etc. While these things are true and burdensome, it is worse when accessing the situation spiritually. I am particularly bothered that this is not a concern even among Brethren and the church as a whole. Well, if it is, maybe it is not just visible enough or there are only a few people that are concerned.

I have seen believers running through several websites and social media platforms just to check news and social updates. Every time I see believers run from pillar to post on the internet to read updates about celebrities and the likes, I want to ask them if they ever try to read the scrolls about the city or their personal life in the spirit realm. They know all the gist in the city and about celebrities but they never know anything that God is saying at the time.

It’s a shame an average Christian cannot discern the season. If they can’t discern the season, how will they know why Satan is fighting, the methods he is using, and his target. It’s a pity an average Christian is walking by sight as if spiritual living is not an option. Why are you a Christian if you can’t live in the spirit? I am bothered and I wonder what the next generation of Christians will inherit from us.

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First Antidote For Times Like This

In the last two weeks, I have been telling our students at the Bible School to rise spiritually. This is the first antidote for a time like this. If you are not living in the spirit as a Christian, you are likely to fall victim to satanic and devil incarnate operations. Don’t waste your life when you have the solution to prevent wastage. Live in the spirit and by the spirit of God to navigate such a time like this.

I had originally thought I was the only one been bothered by the lackadaisical attitude of Christian to their spiritual growth. I found relief when Pastor Enoch Durotoye preached the same message on Sunday. Friends, it is time to be spiritual. The unbelievers know this truth and that is why they are everywhere seeking powers. The unfortunate truth is that it is those Christians that are not Spiritual that they use for their sacrifices.

How do you want to be a Christian without being spiritual? It is not possible! You are either lying that you are a Christian or you were not even one in the first. I am sorry if that hurts but the truth must be told. Because salvation which is the gate to being a Christian transforms you from the life of flesh into the life of the spirit of God. If you claim to be a Child of God and you don’t care about being spiritual, how do you relate to God then? God is spirit and you can only relate with Him in spirit. If you are not a spiritual Christian, you are not just a Christian. Sorry, it’s a bit harsh but the current satanic realities are much more.

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A Decision For Times Like This

It’s time for you to make a decision. Decide which part of the divide you want to be. Do you want to be a Christian or just a part of the world? By a Christian, I mean a serious and spiritual person committed to living, following, obeying, and staying connected with God. That can only be by living in the spirit. Make a decision, the time is now! If you are deciding to be a Christian, then you are on the right path. Just recommit yourself and everything you have to God.

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