An Essential Lesson On Giving

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It’s a well known fact that one of the ways to achieve abundance is giving. As a matter of fact, its a general law in the universe. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Traditional worshiper, free thinker etc., if you practice giving the God way, you are bound to receive abundantly and may put you at a position of affluence. Lets see the lesson on giving.

An Essential Lesson On Giving

This art of giving is another way of showing us that God’s thought is different from man. Man would normally hoard what he has in order to keep having but God says to have, you must give out. I don’t know how God did the calculation but I am aware that every act of giving is a seed that will either grow or die. If it grows, a huge congratulations to you because when the harvest comes, it will be great. This is essential lesson on giving.

I understand a lot of teachings on giving has being flying all over. It is important for us to know exactly what God looks out for as revealed by the Bible. This is to ensure that it actually works for us all. First, you must know that giving is a way God uses to redistribute wealth across board. God will make certain money or materials to pass through selected people in order to get it to a place where it is most needed.

This means that not every gift you receive is for you. God may inspire someone to give you something just because He intend to bless a friend of yours who really needed that thing. You must be open to the Holy spirit to know when He is telling you to give. And as you give, you have planted another seed for harvest sometimes later. That’s how God blesses. So, whatever you can’t give out, you can’t receive more than it.

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Talking about the quantity of what the harvest will be, Luke 6:38 gives a perfect picture of how God calculates the harvest. It shall be pressed down, shaken together and running over. That’s how God measures the harvest. So, when you give God will definitely show up to bless you. Note that you may sow time, money, materials, etc., it doesn’t mean you will receive exactly the same. He knows our need much more.

At this point I know you have already put on your mathematical brains trying to see how much you can put in and what the harvest will be. Well, let me shock you, God never disclose how long a singular act of giving will take to yield harvest. This is while Apostle Paul gives his advice in Gal. 6:9 that we continue in well doing. He added that if we faint not, we will reap in due season. Friends, there is an harvest if we do not fail.

From Apostle Paul advice, we can also see that giving ought to be a lifestyle. He said we should continue and not faint. Remember Acts 10:38 which speaks of Jesus doing good everywhere he went to. So God wants our giving as a lifestyle. Start imbibing the art of giving if you are yet to embrace it. If Jesus lived by it and Apostle advice us to do the same, it means its God way of blessing. This is another essential lesson on giving.

Well, I do hope you have gained one or two things from here, please feel free to share, comment and like. We shall continue on how to make the giving works tomorrow. I hope to see you soon. 

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