An Essential Lesson On Giving 2

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In the last piece on the subject matter, we have established that every act of giving is a seed. We have also seen how God determines the harvest in the light of the scriptures. We also made it clear that because it is a seed, it is possible for it not to yield. In this piece, we will be looking at another dimension that can help us have a good harvest.

An Essential Lesson On Giving 2

First, it is important to note that giving with a mathematical brain or as though you are doing a profit and loss account is not good enough. It may work for a while but as you begin to press deeper with God, you will realize one truth. That one truth will guide you all through your lifetime. It will be the basis of your giving which will then place you on giving lifestyle.

What is this truth? It’s simple, it is the fact that God owns all and that you own nothing. There’s nothing that you own that you have not received from God. We all know this but it won’t make any difference until you realize it, I mean when you interface with that reality. That is school in the spirit that can take you few months to years depending on how you cooperate with God.

In Matthew 25, you will discover Jesus spoke about those that make heaven. The reason they made heaven was simple; Jesus said He was hungry, they fed Him etc. These people then asked, when they did all of that, Jesus said as long as they have done it to people, they have done it for Him. It means their giving was not done with the mathematical brain of what they will get in return.

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So, stop giving because of what you want to get or because what you were told you will get. Stop killing the seed with your wrong notion. The people in Matthew 25 were not even aware of the weight of the seed they were planting with their giving. They didn’t even know it was creating a platform for them in eternity. You don’t have to be coaxed into giving. 

It’s also clear that it was their lifestyle. Not just an exercise to provoke blessing as many teaches. Of course, it does provoke blessing but it has to be done right. The reason it provoke blessing is simple, it is because true giving comes from a merciful heart that is grateful he could help others. Those who are merciful will receive mercy as well. That’s how mercy begins to speak and bring about provision for every need equivalent to the weight of the impact of genuine giving that were done before the time of need. 

I do believe you have learned one or two things from this piece. If you have questions, comment or suggestions, please do not hesitate to use the comment box below. If you are blessed by this piece, please like and share with friends. 

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