Aborted Mission Through The Fall

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If you read through the account in Genesis 1-3, you would be reading through the creation account and the fall of man. If you pay close attention to the account you will discover the devil was more interested in something beyond them eating the fruit. Making Adam and Eve eat the fruit was just a means to an end. The end itself was about the aborted mission through the fall.

The question that is likely to be running through your mind will be what the mission is. Yes, there was a mission God wanted to achieve. God does nothing without a reason. Whatever God orchestrates or puts in the plan is to achieve a set goal or mission. That of creation is not different. God created all things in 6 six days based on the Genesis account. And when He was done creating every other thing on the 5th day, He created man on the 6th day.

According to the book of Genesis, man was created to have dominion over every other thing that was created. In other words, man was meant to manage every other creature on earth. No wonder Psalm 115:16 showed us that God gave the earth to men. To make this operation seamless, God gave Adam, a woman to serve as an assistant. But do you know that taking care of Eden was not the end in God’s mind? It was only a means to an end.

What Is The Mission?

What God wanted to achieve was to have man take dominion on earth as God has dominion in Heaven. God only wanted to replicate Himself on earth through man. The same way God is working in Heaven, He wanted man to work on earth. Why do you think man was created in the image and likeness of God? It was because God will need him to be doing what He is doing in heaven on earth.

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Don’t forget that the creation account in Genesis 1 is actually an account of recreation. God had already made the earth and heaven great. What brought the earth into a formless shape and a dark entity recorded in Genesis 1:2 is because of the fall of Lucifer into the earth following his failed coup (Isaiah 14:12-14). Now that God recreated everything, He wanted a representative of His to manage everything. That representative is the man.

The term used in Genesis 1:26 saying “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” means more than a mere resemblance of God. It was a strategic build-up of man to look like God and have the same capacity that God has in Heaven on earth. So, man was designed to have dominion capacity like God and to look like God to be able to fit in for this mission.

There Is A Process For The Mission

God had the structural design in place by making look like Him. The dominion capacity was to be built over time through fellowship. That was why God was visiting Adam and Eve in the cool of the day back in Eden. It was all to facilitate something deep in Adam and Eve. 

The purpose of the visit in the cool of the day was for fellowship. Through the fellowship, they were supposed to learn about God, know Him, understand His ways and His acts as well as obtain His abilities. It is only then that they can be able to fulfill His mission for them on earth. The truth is knowing God takes time and patience. This is the process Satan came to abort with the fall tactics.

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Remember that Adam and Eve had not learned to visit God, it was God that could visit them. They hadn’t learned that they were made spirit, soul, and body. And that God deliberately made them like that. While the body made them fit for the earth, the spirit made them interact with God. The fall was what broke man into the lowest level of existence which is the body and made them dead to God spiritually. This was a whole syllabus Adam and Eve didn’t learn before the fall came.

A Lesson For Us Today

Today, the tactics had not changed. Satan is still using that old tactic to stop many Christians from entering into their heritage and promises God made. Take a look at David in the Bible, see how the devil wanted him to abort the process to make him king. How about Joseph in Potiphar’s house? Don’t think all of the challenges you are facing right now are just for that moment. The devil has his eyes on something big if you don’t abort the process. 

So, trust the process and follow it through in good faith. David did, that’s why he didn’t kill Saul when he could have and declared himself king. The one who set the process will endorse and announce you if you let the process take its full course as in the case of David’s kingship. It was the same thing with Joseph, he kept flowing with the process so much that he moved from dreaming to interpreting dreams. When the process was completed, God-ordained, promoted and settled him.

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